Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Birth and death...I came home to read my sweet Mary's blog about her new grandson at http://www.blessourhearts.net/ after taking care of a strapping young man who is dying.

I read the joyous note of a birth at home, a lovely time when family is together and loving one another while another human enters the world.   I finished reading and turned to my husband and said, "I should have had our kids at home" and I believe it.  I believe in home...in home birth and home death.  I believe that homes are holy places where the deepest of love happens along with the deepest of hurt and pain...similar to birth and death.

My young man is slowly dying...losing his control and power over his body and this life.  He is amazing...strong and fighting to stay with his family...kind of like when a mother is ready to give birth but the baby is staying in her belly...not ready for this life.  His body is failing but his heart and soul wants to stay. I often say that birth and death are so similar...the process of being born and the process of leaving this earth.  So similar...

I honor both...the living, birthing and the dying...so tonight, I celebrate the birth of Gibson, the love of a family and the process of an amazing birth.  I also celebrate the strength of a family that can care for the dying...the difficult process of loving the one who is leaving when you want to bury your head and wish things were different. 

So tonight, love the ones closest to you...

Good night.
We'll tawk soon,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful post -- thank you for the work you do, the love you share --

Ms. Moon said...

Oh baby. Thank-you.
I agree completely- birth and death, so intimately intwined. The portal from there to here, from here to there- it is close during these times and the walls get wavery.
I love you so and will never forget when you were with me when LILY was born. Can you believe that baby has babies?
I wish you could have been there yesterday.
I love you.

Birdie said...

Whenever I am asked how I can do palliative care I try to explain the similarities between birth and death. Both of them are holy and only happen once. Both are so full of so much emotion. If we are lucky both are filled with so much love.