A Collection of Starred Thoughts...

*you do not need to be the loudest, greatest, most talented.  just lead as musically as you can so that people have no choice but to gravitate toward you and follow you.

 *find the message.  be the vessel to carry the message.

*it is not what you learn while you are there. it is what you can teach yourself afterwords.

*great leaders do not wish away the weaknesses in their group.

*the root word of "teach" is not "to put in" but "to draw out."

*1. there is not such a thing as a problem without a gift for you in it's hands. 
  2. we choose our problems with the best gift to give us.

*let emotions happen.

*the key to life is to do the extra work.

*once you start a position, you MUST support the program.

*you are not judged by how you do when things go well, but how you react to negativity.

*on the day you have to tear someone down, you MUST build them back up.

*you must love what you are doing.

*we have 2 ears, and 1 mouth.  listen in this proportion.  learn more by listening.

*do not write anyone off.

*compliment people.


*always call (commands) from the front of the band.

*you do not need to be confident - just an extraordinary actor.  you must act confident.

*FAKE IT - if you act the part long enough, you will become it.

*if you cannot like your band, then you cannot lead them.

*all enthusiasm and no quality = "fluffhead."

*you are performing in EVERYTHING you do.

*the answer does not matter as much as the presentation.

*embrace silence.  (pauses when speaking)

*never pass up an opportunity to do something nice for someone else.

*the teacher will not judge you on the basis of your attitude, but instead on what they think your attitude is.

*learn the goal of each rehearsal (tempo, etc.)

*use strategic commanding.

*the most important thing as Drum Major is to inspire.  as conductor, to keep time.

*always support other bands.

*want everyone to be excited about band.

*you cannot shut down nerves, just change the "direction" of the emotion into energy.

*always make sure there is a strong cadence for the band to follow.

*never call the group to attention and not use them. 

*look before you call a command.

*iilsst... if it looks stupid, stop them.

*appreciate what you've got.

*every time you complain, you make your life a little more miserable (and the lives of those around you.)

*love those who loved you. don't waste the opportunity to care.

*fix it.  mend broken friendships.

*you do have the right to say what you want, but you have the responsibility to shut yer trap.

*it is great that God made us to speak our feelings, instead of them being general knowlege.  use this.

*the world does not need to know how you feel, especially if it is negative.  do not hurt anyone.

*do not get hung up on stupid things.

*opinions are like armpits.  everyone has one or two of them, and they all pretty much stink.

It was a magical season because I got to watch my quiet daughter become a leader.  It was also a magical season because I got to watch her share her spirit with 80 band members...we couldn't believe who she had become after band season.  She was a different person inside and out.  So, one week before her 19th birthday...I offer a tribute to the Queen.  

We'll tawk later,
I love you all,