Saturday, February 19, 2011


When I left for Florida last week, I felt like I was in such a rut....doing the same things every day and going through the motions.  And, I think I was.  Sometimes when you see things through a different set of eyes, it all changes.  In my case...yes.  I am rejuvinated and even doing piles of laundry seems a little easier.  Thank God!

I know the saying "absence makes the heart grow fonder"...well, I have to agree in this case.  I have been followed all day by my dear husband who needs to tell me things.  He needs to tell me about his job, our boys, his new truck topper, our dogs and whatever he thinks I missed while I was gone.  I do think he is really glad I am home.  Now he can leave me alone!

Instead of cleaning the kitchen, I got sidetracked.  There were rotten bananas and apples in the bowl so I decided to make a cake with them.  Doesn't it look good?  Bananas, apples, flour, butter, sugar and cinnamon...and here you go.  I am proud because in my "ruttiness" I would rather be dead than bake.

We went on a walk with the dogs today since the weather was glorious and both of us are "blowing up" as we say.  (We are both getting chunky)  It was cool and sunny and we saw 4 neighbors, 1 grandson, 1 horse, 1 mule and 2 dogs...interesting.

The road is clear but there is still some snow on the ground.

The sun peeking through the tree with a couple of wispy clouds in the deep blue sky.

I feel like I have the best life today.  I was in a warm paradise for a week with magical sunsets, food, drink and laughs until I cried.  Family weirdness and family love...nothing different than any other family...but they are mine.

Now I am home.  Home where the tortoise basks in the sun, the dogs bark incessantly and jump up on you with dirty feet, my husband is in his weekend attire (for 22 years), the kitchen is a mess and we know that it's gonna be okay. Tommorrow is another day and if we decide to clean it up then...sure Mom will start yelling...but who cares because eventually she will stop and we will be fine.

Home sweet home.  Thanks for the visit to paradise, but I for now I belong here.

We'll tawk later,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

I love your blog.

Ms. Moon said...

I love you AND your blog.