Saturday, February 5, 2011

Feelin' out of sorts...

I didn't post yesterday because I had so many thoughts running through my head, it was too hard to figure out what was what.  I am feeling weird...I can't put my finger on the emotion, really, but I feel off.  I had trouble getting out of bed and kept closing my eyes and going back to my dreams.  I must have done that 5 times this morning.  I finally got out of bed and of course, the sky is gray and white and looking "snowish".  That usually does not help in times like these.

I am trying to figure out what is wrong...why do I feel so off.  I can honestly say I don't feel depressed...I have felt that many, many mornings in my life and that is not it.  But, just not right.  Not sad either...just not anything.

My husband and son went off to baseball tryouts and to draft his team and he was bouncing off the wall.  He loves coaching and kids and baseball.  He was like a kid getting ready to go this morning.  Good on him...I say.

My oldest son has a date tonight for the winter formal.  He has things to do to be able to go and it looks like he is moving along.  I hope he finishes what he has to, gets all "handsom-ed up" and goes out with his girl.  They are a cute couple and have a nice time together.  I am going to encourage him to bring her flowers...what girl doesn't like flowers from her boy/man?  If I am lucky, I will get to take a few pictures of them.

The Queen called this morning from college and sounds good.  She sounds busy, happy and trying to do her best.  What else can a mother ask for when it comes to teenagers?  Really, what else?

Back to me and my "blah-ness"...am I a spoiled adult with nothing better to think about than myself?  Yes...I think so.  As a matter of fact, I am sure.  I have a warm house (albiet a mess), animals (pooping dogs), food (been eating way too much!), a job, friends (who I miss) and a great family.   It's time to pull up my "big girl bloomers" (because I can't fit into panties) and get on with life.  Sometimes you gotta fake it until you make it and today...instead of wallowing in the "purple funk" or pick a fight with my husband...I will fake it until my heart wakes up and sees the goodness around me.  I think I owe that to myself and my family...so I will.

We'll tawk later with the report...
I love you all,

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