Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Thinking about my politics...

I don't see myself as a political person and to be honest, I don't really understand what is going on.  I listen to the radio...NPR, Fox news, Christian talk shows and I find that I disagree with all of them at times.  All of them. 

Yesterday I wrote about life not being fair and my college buddy and love piggybacked the idea and wrote:

Well, humans are humans and most of us are going to try to live a far richer lifestyle than that of a voluntary peasant and it's practically the American creed to try and accumulate as much as we can and to enjoy the fruits of our labors and not feel guilty about what we have because we earned it and we deserve it and oh... You know. We have a creed of greed but I think that while many of us live this way, we sense that there is a deep unfairness to this philosophy. Deep in our hearts we know that even if we did work hard to accumulate what we have, others work just as hard or harder and cannot manage to accumulate enough to pay the light bill or buy decent food due to a myriad of reasons beyond their control. And that in all fairness, we, who have plenty should do something, something to try and make things a little more fair.
 She went on to say:
And that something may have nothing whatsoever to do with money. It may well have to do with time. Or a smile. Or being gentle to a stranger when it is obvious that they are in distress. A word sent, an ear offered, a shoulder, an arm. There are so many ways to make things more fair. Life is never, ever going to be entirely fair. No way, no how. But every one of us has the ability to reach out to others in some way to offer a bit of whatever we have plenty of to someone else who does not.

As you can see by my picture above...I do believe in God and believe that the way things are going in this country is not the way it is supposed to be.  Now, whether you believe, don't believe, think something else, hate Christians, or whatever you think...we must help others when we can.  We need to and it is our human role...our hearts call to us.  You can say that yours does not and okay, I believe you...but mine does.  Mine calls loud and strong and it isn't just the old Catholic guilt because I do not practice catholicism.  I tell my 8th graders at church...you know what you are supposed to do in a given situation and it is your choice to do it.  You have all the power here. 

So I agree with my love, Ms. Moon...actually she taught me alot of my politics in those college years.  I also learned from my husband...he is a conservative guy when it comes to money...but he can't walk by a homeless guy without handing him some money, shaking his hand and looking him in the eye...and he taught me that.  So one of the things that would make life more fair...let's lose the stereotypes all together.  Not just republican, democrat and whatever other parties there are out there...but gay, lesbian, white, black, poor, rich and just remember...there are people you love that are different than you and then there are people you just don't like at all.  There are folks, believe it or not, that just don't like me...they don't even know me really and guess what...there are folks I have decided I just don't like either.  It is human nature.  But...if we are going to change the world for good...we have to think beyond ourselves and our money and how it's not fair...and do the right thing. 

I can't tell you what the right thing is for you because I don't live your life...you do.  And, like I tell my 8th graders at church...you know what you are supposed to do in a given situation...you have all the power.  I know and I don't always do it...but when I do...it makes my heart happy.

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,

If you want to read Ms. Moon's whole post...go to http://www.blessourhearts.net/ to the post, "Sharing what we have plenty of the make things more fair."

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