Monday, February 28, 2011

Sweet days...

Today has been one of the sweetest days I have experienced in a long time.  For the last day of February in Colorado...it was amazing.  The temperature was 58 and the sky was a clear blue and the sun was shining...a taste of spring.  It looked to me like Pikes Peak was smiling in the distance.

I drove out to the eastern plains to work in a lovely assisted living for a few hours.  It was like I was transported back in time.  The ground was a mustard yellow and you could see for miles and miles ahead of you.  There are old farms with tractors at the ready and the cows seemed to be waiting for something too...maybe the arrival of spring.   The main street of the town is lovely.

I finished my work and the day stretched out in front of me...what to do with such a beautiful day?  I came home and instead of doing a million chores that should have been done...I decided to walk the dog.  And, I decided, instead of in the neighborhood, I would go to my favorite open space.  It was a great decision....

My partner, Buster and I hiked for about an hour.  It was muddy in alot of spots and even snowy and icy.  At one point, I slipped and fell in the mud and ice and my partner jumped on top of me...in the mud and smothered me with wet dog kisses.  If that isn't a gift, what is?

Today is one of the days when you wonder why and how you got so lucky.  I felt a sense of peace that I search for in my life...daily.  Today I felt it. 

What does peace feel like to me?  Getting out of bed with the coffee brewing, sons getting out of the house and hearing "thanks mom for making my lunch", it's putting on pants and being able to breathe, and driving around Colorado with the radio on.  It's hiking with the dog and the sun shining with a slight breeze but it's still warm, it's making dinner to the sound of trombone practice....

It's being able to stop the worried voices in my head and appreciate the here and now.  Man...it's been a sweet day...hope yours has been too.

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

Yes. I had one too. A small and perfect miracle.

Elizabeth said...

Sounds great. And Van Morrison is my musical hero -- I'm loving YOU more and more with each post!

flygirl said...

oh jeez...i adore Van!