Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Different kind of Date night

Last night, my husband and I decided we were going out on a date.  We had been apart for about 2 weeks and like I mentioned in my last writing, we are kind of attached.  I suggested that we go somewhere for dinner and then listen to some music.  Before we left, he decided to make pizza dough so the boys could make home made pizza for themselves.  Sounded like a great idea at the time and assuage any guilt I had about leaving them home.

Great ideas are just sometimes that...great ideas.  We decided to get, as I call it, "all dolled up" and leave around 6.  Only the younger son was home and we were waiting for my older son.  As the time passed, and I had decided on an outfit...after trying on 12 pair of pants and only fitting into 1...that we were ready to go.  I walked into the kitchen to lay out the rules for the night when my youngest said, "Dad, how do I roll the dough out?"   I called my oldest son and asked him when he would be home.  He was on his way, he said.  "OK" I thought "We can leave and he won't be alone too long"  when he said to my husband..."now where is the sauce and how long do you cook it?"  The second question sealed the deal.  No one was going anywhere.  Forget the date...we were staying home and making pizza.  I walked over to the refrigerator and opened a cold Rolling Rock Light and watched them make pizza still "dolled up" and wearing the only pair of pants I fit into.

After the first pizza went in the oven, my husband said..."We can still go out, honey...let's eat pizza here with the boys and then go"...but by then, I was back in my comfortable sweats and t-shirt and onto my second Rolling Rock. 

The first pizza was just cheese and it was amazing....the second pizza had sausage and the third had onions with mushrooms.  I could barely breathe after testing the cheese pizza before my pizza, the onion and mushroom one came out.  All in all, I ate a whole pizza myself...and it was good.  I told my son, after the second Rolling Rock, that he should open his own pizza joint, because he makes the best pizza ever.  We finished the night with a bowl of ice cream and went to bed.

We got into bed, both of us stuffed to the gills, and put the TV on.  I settled on the National Geographic channel where some dude was trying to get photos of fish cleaning hippo's teeth...but he had to get by the huge crocodiles first.  He slowly lowered himself into the safe side of the lake and started to swim.  At first, the crocodile was leaving him alone...but then...the croc moved and we had to change the channel.  That would have really been romantic to see the guy eaten by a crocodile.  I switched over to the channel where the bears were eating salmon out of the river when I turned to him and said..."aren't we something, gonna go out and listen to music and maybe dance...but we are here watching hippos get their teeth cleaned and bears eating salmon!"  We both had a good laugh, decided we were getting older and shut off the TV.

So the date wasn't as exciting as we planned or as fun as we planned or even romantic at all.  But, I got to watch my son make pizza with his father, laughed and joked about how things certainly have changed, and had a great meal.   As I used to say to my grade school kids, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."  Thank God for a couple of good Rolling Rocks and a sense of humor. 

Sometimes, that's all you need.
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my house. Except I gotta get the kids to learn to cook more. The only way we can go out is if I start announcing a week in advance that at such and such date and time we will not be driving anyone anywhere...and then I have to make sure they are fed in advance. For 2 weeks I have been trying to get the 2 of us to see a movie before the Academy awards on Sun. I am starting to make an announcement about this Sun afternoon for a movie for us.
--Michele R.

Ms. Moon said...

And one pair of pants that fit. Remember when we used to get ready to go out dancing? I think the getting-ready part was at least as much fun as the going-out part.