Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Whole lot of Nothin'

The snow is back...we were supposed to get an inch or two but for Conifer that means a foot or two.  Thank goodness tommorrow is Friday.

I came home from work today and decided I wanted to make a meat loaf, mashed potatoes and corn...don't ask my why but I was on a carbohydrate bender, I guess.  The boys were excited because they love "Uncle Pete's meatloaf" and it is good tasting.

Anyway, while I was cooking, my oldest son decided he needed to make cookies that he made in chemistry and he needed to do it right now...as I am getting ready to put the meat loaf on the table...

The dinner was ready and the cookies were ready and we needed to put them on tin foil and in the fridge...it was becoming a chaotic time in the kitchen with my dear husband telling everyone to "calm down" and I handed him the camera and told him to take a picture of the boys...

This one is of me and the boys looking at the cookies...

Then I saw this picture...I said to my husband..."Do I really look like that?  Is my rear end really that big?"  If someone is taking a picture of me...I always say, "Don't get my body" as a joke but...I was stunned.  I kept looking back at the picture in the camera hoping each time I clicked the frame that it would look better, smaller, not so...flat and wide!  But I guess I have to face some facts.  As I was saying all this, my oldest son said, "Mom, don't be so hard on yourself" and walked away.  Now what does that mean? 

The "no-bakes" as he called them, had to be put out in the cold to get firm.  They were really tasty and I had one, alright two because...what is the point really...I am too far gone.

So today has been humbling...I know something about myself I would have rather pretended was just the "right" size.  Oh well, we are all a work in progress, right... and as long as I can stay away from people taking pictures of the back of me...I can keep thinking I am going in the right direction.

We'll tawk tommorrow.
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

I refuse to discuss weight. Yours, mine, or anyone else's.
Love you truly (and you have a lovely ass)...M

Mr. Shife said...

I hate pictures of myself so I can relate. I have a physical feature that makes me very self-conscious so if I am pictured in a certain way it drives me nuts. Basically I have one ear that sticks out further than the other one because of multiple surgeries on my ear as a kid. Nothing I can do about it and people don't really notice unless I tell them but it still drives me insane. I have no idea if that made you feel any better but hang in there and like your son said don't be so hard on yourself. We are our toughest critics so it is easy for me to give you this advice but if you were giving me the advice I would still be self-conscious. Anyway I have rambled on and I apologize. You are going in the right direction and as long as you are you have nothing to worry about. No bakes are one of my favorites and they are quite delicious. Take care.

Terry Joy said...

Ms. Moon-yeah...I know. Love you too and am so sorry about your friend, Colin...but so happy about Kathleen. The rollercoaster of life.

Mr. Shife-How are you buddy? I have been thinking about you and the family since our last talk. Yeah, the thing is for me about imperfection, I am realizing is...I am never going to be happy with my face, body, etc, etc. I think its in my genes. So the work in progress idea for me is a true goal...acceptance and kindness to myself...at least as much as I am to others. Thanks for stoppin' by. Peace.