Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Enough is Enough

I don't know about you, but when I tell my son's to do something about one hundred times or I say the same thing over and over again, I get sick hearing it.  I begin to state my point and then that voice in my head says...you are not going to say that again, I am so sick of listening to you...stop!  Then I will say to them, "I am sick of hearing myself talk so I won't even say it again." Depending on the look on my face, the oldest one will say, "oh, thank God, we are sick of listening to it too!" 

That's where I am with my last two posts.  I read them this morning and thought...Why don't you just shut up...so I will and get back to things that really matter...to me, anyway!

It's been cold here...yeah, I know it's cold everywhere.  But, they just don't cancel school in Colorado hardly ever and this is day two with my two yahoo's home.  No showers, no teeth brushing, no changing clothes...all that personal hygiene is for "squares".  They put on the snow clothes, go out in the snow, wrestle until someone gets hurt, come in screaming at each other, punch each other in the kitchen a few times, make and drink hot cocoa, leave all the makings on the counter, put on their snow clothes and...well you get the picture.  There is some guitar playing mixed with ipod playing but basically it is like "Animal House" but there is an old lady crowing in the background (that's me).

I don't know where my husband is these days.  I mean, he is in Denver, but he left yesterday morning, his big red diesel F350 died and I had to pick him up.  I brought him home and he got in his little subaru and went to work...I guess. We didn't see him last night, and when the boys asked..."Where's Dad?" I said, "Oh, I think he is out with his girlfriend" to which both boys rolled their eyes and walked away.  I guess they are as sick of me as I am of them!  I can report, around midnight, someone got into bed with me and began to snore loudly...it did sound alot like my husband...and then this morning, I heard the click of cowboy boots walking around in the dark.  Oh and one garbage can with recycling was down at the bottom of the driveway.  Whoever that was that I slept with last night was pretty easy to get along with and we didn't have to talk at all and the best thing is...the recycling was taken out!  So, whoever you were...you are welcome back anytime...just don't wake me up!

After most of the day in the house, I decided the "beard" needed to go.  I went to my favorite eye brow waxer under the guise of getting my eye brows done.  "What are we doing today?" she asked.  "My eyebrows, for sure, and what do you think?"  Wrong question from a lady with a barrell of hot wax and a magnifying mirror.  Let's just say, my face is as smooth as a newborns bottom and as red as a fire truck...but no more beard or mustache for that matter.

This morning, I decided I need more structure in my life.  Since I work for myself, I have been "working at home" which for me, usually there is not a whole lot of working going on.  I try but if I don't have set things that need to be finished...I do anything but work.  So today, I decided I was going to whip everyone into shape including me.  I called the boys into my office and laid down the law.  "Here's what  you boys are doing today" I said...as they are shooting at each other with toy guns..."Put your laundry away, straighten out the mud room, and the basement and you guys can go ice skating...it's cold, but you can bundle up."  They looked at me in all of their teenage glory and said..."Will you go with us?" 

I guess I will start the increased structure tommorrow and head to the lake and skate...why not, I work for myself and there isn't anything that has to be done today.  If you need me, I will be at the lake "working" if you know what I mean.

Well tawk later,
I love you all,


Michele R said...

I loved your post--I could picture everything...and too funny about the man who snored in your bed last night but took out the garbage.
We have to give very detailed lists to the boys (and Dad's voice works best)of what needs done or else it won't get done.
Have fun skating!!

Ms. Moon said...

That may have been the same man I slept with. Except he did nothing with the recycle.
Love you, baby.