Saturday, March 9, 2013

Baseball season 2013...

My youngest, who I sometimes refer to as the little prince, started high school baseball.  He loves the sport and although I don't want to be "that" mom, I think he is pretty good.  Not good in the "go to college on a scholarship, be in the bigs" good...but pretty fun to watch and will make the plays and throw strikes more often than not.  But, I am his mother...

Photo: Hey Rockies fans and fans of productive teenagers...
Conifer Baseball is selling Rockies tickets again this year.  Here's the info:

BOGO tickets for May 31 at 6:40 pm against the Dodgers and you get Father's day, June 16th at 2:10 against the Phillies free.  The pair is 39.00.

All proceeds of the ticket sales go to the Conifer Lobo Baseball program.

Below is my favorite Conifer baseball player...

We headed out to Fort Morgan to play the Mustangs...a team from the Eastern plains that has a reputation for being good...and they are.  The town has a lot of open space, a train that runs through the middle of town and a stench of cows like no other.  The boys got out of school at 10 and we headed east.  The drive was almost 2 hours and we stopped at a McDonald's in town for the bathroom and lunch for some of them.  We got out of the car and the stench was overpowering...Let's just say that cows do not smell too good.

Howie pitched the first game and was "lights out".  I could tell he was a little nervous but found his rhythm and started knocking them down.  I was proud of him.  I counted pitches on the palm of my hand and runs on my thumb (I am "that" mom).  He pitched 4 flawless innings but I could tell, first game of the season, he was starting to fatigue.  Jim, is the assistant and first base coach, and living the middle aged dream, so you would think I would have an in.    I wandered over and let him know that his son was at 65 pitches and looked a little tired...he may be pressing his luck by leaving him in. 

Of course, that was exactly the wrong thing to do because I am the wife and supposed to sit down and shut up and watch the game...

Let's just say that he pitched a little too long and he has a sore arm and shoulder today.  But Howie was thrilled to pitch the whole game and I was proud of him.  

Now, spring in Colorado is a funny thing.  If you live here, you know exactly what I am talking about.  We were supposed to play a game on Saturday...well, not we, but the team, but the forecast was ominous and there would be snow and probably a lot of it.  The Varsity head coach sent the JV home and the big boys stayed the night.  My JV player was disappointed but honestly, it was the right thing to do.

We headed to Subway to have dinner before the big drive home  and for some reason, the stench was overwhelming.  I said to Howie as I covered my nose, "Is that you?" and we laughed about how anyone could live in a place that smelled so bad all the time. We ate our dinner and headed out.

I had gotten about 15 minutes into the drive and my son was snoring.  This big boy, 6 foot at least, was curled up in the passenger seat sound asleep.  Every so often, I would hear a big gulp and snore but he didn't stir...my guess is that he was tired.

This morning, he talked about how he could have pitched better and  was analyzing his game...a thinker.  This kid is like an idiot savant with sports, he knows stats and who played where and what college and his performance...he loves sports.  

This afternoon, we went to Sports Authority for a new bat.  We were going to go to Dick's sporting goods but as Howie said to me, "Ma, let's got to Sport's Authority because you don't like Dick's right?" and then we both chuckled and went on about how sometimes I like Dick's but "not today in the mood I am in". Then I said, "I thought you  liked Dicks...not that there was anything wrong with that" and we laughed and laughed...  

I know, I am not the best mother but sometimes you can't sacrifice a good laugh.  And, I know my teenagers hear much worse things at school!!!

So we went to Sports Authority...no Dicks today... and ended up getting him a new bat...a fancy one and he was excited.  I mentioned that it isn't the bat that does the hitting, it's the player, but that is beside the point.

We'll see how the season and the hitting comes along...I mean, it is really hard to watch your child struggle and that may be how it goes...or it may not.  Either way, I will be in the stands, trying to be positive the whole season, hoping for the big hit or the crafty pitch to win the game.

But honestly, I can't tell you how cute I think he is in that uniform, how proud I am that he is on a team, playing with a bunch of guys to win...trying to do his best, deal with adversity and it is obvious he loves what he is doing.  For me, Mom, that is what makes my world go round...and I don't have too many more years left...

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

Baseball season started here, too, but my son is a catcher. He isn't in high school until the fall, but he adores the game. I have learned to almost love baseball just by watching him play, and while I still don't know the game, I'm getting closer to being one of "those moms."

Plus, my son, too, looks damn good in a baseball uniform!

Ms. Moon said...

Just dropping in to say that I dreamed about you the other night. It was a sweet dream, dear friend.

Jennine Stalder said...

Mostly when kids start to grow up and have their own thing, they become more distant to their parents. But definitely not with you and your son. You’re still enjoying each other’s company, laugh together, and support them all the way. It’s not surprising that you’re so proud of him. Especially now that he’s playing baseball at school. Seeing him in his uniform and watching him during his play is really exciting.

Jennine, Uniforms Express