Saturday, June 1, 2013

Such a lovely day...

The day started this morning at 4 am when Jim headed to the airport.  I got up to wish him well as he and his Queen met in Dallas and ended up in Guatemala tonight.   What an adventure that will be.  Those two, the Queen and Jim love to spend time together...it is almost electric to watch.  They love each other so much.

When the Queen arrived in our life, I remember Jim being in awe of this little person that was given to us, made by our genes, that we needed to watch over, love and care for.  He was so honored and it has carried their relationship for 21 years.  She is one lucky girl to have a father like him.

After bidding him a good trip, I went back to bed and slept.  It was glorious because it was a day that I didn't have to work.  I did have a patient to see but he is a love and it was good to see him.

I  came home and it was sunny and cool but lovely.  I started to frantically do chores....clean the kitchen, do laundry, mop the floors and get organized when I realized that I had the whole day in front of me.  I didn't need to rush and if I didn't get anything at all done...who would know?  Only me...

I lit a candle in my office and put on Pandora and folded clothes.  It was so nice to fold, hang and look out the window without a worry. I thought about my middle son away at camp learning to be a counselor and the joy I felt when the phone rang yesterday and it was him saying hello.  I screamed with delight!  As I folded, I remembered him at that camp when he was six and it was  the summer that we lived there as the camp nurse family.  We had the time of our lives and now he gets to do it again.  He told me that he hadn't slept in his bed but one night, which means he was under the stars the other ones, he has been playing the "heck" out of his guitar, and has laughed so much that he almost peed his pants.  I would say that is the start of an awesome summer.

I finished all the chores I wanted to do in the house and moved outside.  I swept the decks, watered the plants and planted a few more.  I planted a rose bush, a columbine and two filler plants that I don't even know the names of.  It was just a nice afternoon to play in the dirt and look at the sky and the colors of the day.
The tiniest of lilacs...the first year there is even a hint of flowers

A daisy is waking up to bloom
My rose bush that I paid 4.99 for because it got cold!
Of course, the lovely columbine

My youngest came home from baseball practice and I had to show him all my "doins".  I made him walk around the yard and admire my plants, look at the mopped floors with awe and notice that I had folded and hung all the laundry.  He humored me...which is always nice.  Really, why would he care at 16 years old?

After he had a snack, he and I went out and brushed and played with the dogs, had a few games of horse where I couldn't hit the basket if I tried, and then had a nice dinner.  Nothing fancy, just quiet and sweet.

I spent an hour on the phone with my brother in law talking about life.  He said something that was so profound..."people are people...some are strong and can handle anything and some can't.  It's just who they are."  I think I knew that but it hit me about so many things.  We are who we are and we handle things the best way we can.  

It made me think of families that handle the death of a loved one with quiet calm and the others that are yelling and fighting and trying to change things that are just not going to change.  Some families think if they just ignore the issue, it will go away or if they yell at each other enough, it will go away.  Neither works...I have seen both ways and when you have to climb a mountain to get to where you are going...there is no short cut...you have to climb the mountain.

After dinner, my youngest and I watched the "Hurt Locker" which I rented from the library.  I sat on the couch thinking that I hate war and I hate that we have to do war and that I would not want to send my son to war.  I also wondered how these soldiers experience what they do and come back here and we expect them to be normal.  I deal with peaceful death at home and I am not normal...so what about carrying a gun and shooting people is normal?  Anyway, that's what I thought of the movie.  I guess that part of the day wasn't so lovely, huh?

But, all in all, I have to say, I had a lovely day.  There is something about planting and playing in the dirt that is holy.  And you know me, I crave to connect to all things holy.

Got a call from Jim and the Queen and they are safely in Guatemala, happy to be together and excited to start building for the poor in that country.  

I say, whatever stirs your heart and soul is what you oughta do...be it sitting beside a person and their family cheering them on to the great beyond or digging in the dirt and planting beautiful color and seeds that grow into food.  Or, if you fly 5 hours from home, and build a house for people that don't even speak the same language...but you know they are just like you and want the same things you do...a warm place to tuck in the kids at night, and a world that holds love and peace as the standard...then do it.

Because, at the end of the day, you have to look in the mirror when you brush your teeth and you have to be satisfied with who you are..not me, or anyone else for that matter...just you.   As Uncle Silvestro told me today, "we are who we are and we do what we do..." yep...so I guess we just need to do it...

And today I did.

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

You live your life beautifully.

Ms. Moon said...

Yep. I spend a good part of yesterday in the dirt too. That is where I am happy. That is who I am.
You and Jim have been the best parents, Terry. Your kids are all lucky to have both of you. I swear- you have gifted this planet with these three fine kids.