Sunday, October 13, 2013


Went to church today as I try to do every Sunday.  It seemed very routine and I was going through the motions.   After it was over...I was so glad I went.

I have told you this before, when my Queen was born, I decided that it was time to find a place to praise God that I was given such a gift as this kid...and honestly, I  have always felt connected to a holy higher power...

Through the years, I have sat through services that have stirred my heart and services that I have cleaned my entire house, washed the car and put dinner in the crock pot..all in my head while not feeling any spiritual feelings.  I went to church today feeling like I had too much to do, not enough time to do it and I would be able to sort everything out while at church.  

I had no expectations at all and if you want to know the truth, felt like a total hypocrite.  I have been less than kind during the week, haven't thought of service in the holy sense and ran my mouth way too much.  This week was one for the books...

I walked in late, sat in my usual spot and checked my phone...then I glanced up at the altar and saw a man with my pastor that I had never seen before.  "Great", I thought, "He is gonna be here asking for something"....

I dutifully went through the prayers and listened to the gospel.  It was the reading about the 10 lepers that were healed and the one that turned around to thank Jesus for healing him...yeah, I have heard that one before. 

The gentleman that I didn't recognize got up to preach..."Here we go" I thought and drifted into my head.  He began to talk about how he was ill and it rocked his world, and when all was said and done, he was healed...he got better.  He then talked about how he had such gratitude because he had gotten better and it had changed his life.  He weaved it into the story of the lepers and how the 9 ran off and lived their life, just as before....busy and unaware.  He talked about how health is not an entitlement, that we are lucky to have it and it isn't a given and when we are healthy...it is a gift.   He talked about the leper, who was a samaritan,was marginalized and how he stopped to thank Jesus before he ran back to life. He related it to being in the valley and not taking things for granted...living a life of gratitude...that when we live a life of gratitude it is living a life of praise and prayer on a daily basis.

I'm not gonna pretend that being thankful on a daily basis is an easy thing or that it can be done all the time.  But, I think what he was talking about what remembering what is important.  Most of us know that our family, our loves and our time is what is important. But, I would be a liar if  I said that certain things are not important too. I wouldn't ask the folks impacted by the flood how important things are because as much as we can say things aren't important, that picture of grandma or your son's first tooth is a thing and if it floated away....well... 

It came back to thankfullness for me...not because I have this perfect life without pain and difficulty...we all do, in some way, don't we?   But, when I can look at my husband and be thankful...for his kindness when I am out of control, or when my 16 year old asks me to do the puzzle with him...I am thankful. Or...when I go to a patients house, who is dying, and watch his family feel thankful that he is home and they get to care for him, as difficult and sad as it is...I think that is what the point is today. When you have been in the shadow of the valley of darkness, it makes you appreciate the light...even when it seems like it's not that bright and is dimming by the minute...

Sometimes, you are the leper...and then you are healed.  I guess the question is, do you run back to your life and everything is the same or do you try to be thankful...to live in gratitude?  I always try to remember that no one gets out of this life without heartache and sadness, so why not try to treasure the times when everything is good and try to be thankful?

Yeah, I guess another week is done and I am humbled!
We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

For some reason, a spirit of gratefulness is something I carry with me all the time through no effort of my own. I often think that I never, ever really expected to have the life and the love I do and it is a constant surprise to me. A gift for which I will never get over being grateful for.

Pam said...

Hi Terry - found your blog by chance and just letting you know how much I am enjoying it.
I appreciate your thoughts.
I work part-time. I teach children in a special school, many of whom have terminal conditions ( five have passed away in the past four months).
My own daughter is thirty now, and sounds similar to yours.
My Dad passed away 7 months ago - we appreciated so much having caring nurses such as yourself.
Thanks Terry for your words here.