Friday, March 28, 2014

What makes you lucky?


As I arrived to take care of a patient, "Dolly" the goat wouldn't let me in the gate.  I had to wait until her owner came out if the house.

Yesterday and the day before...

My son waiting on a pitch.  I spent the last four days watching teenage boys play baseball, play basketball and eat large quantities of food.  

The week...

While I am basking in the sun,  my husband, daughter and middle son were building a home in Juarez.  So proud of them!

A  week or two ago...

The view from my kitchen with a pristine spring snow.

One of the ways I let off steam...

Trying to walk these three knuckleheads.

These two are waiting for me every day when I come home to listen to me talk...

I am lucky.  I have an amazing family and a job that I love.  I have animals that will listen to me talk until I am done.  I've been struggling with seeing how lucky I am and needed to take inventory.  There is so much more than this, but I can only say...thanks for listening.

What are you not seeing in your days that make you lucky?
An interesting question, eh?

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,

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Ms. Moon said...

I believe I am pretty much aware of all of the things that make me lucky. If I were any luckier, I'd be crushed by the weight of it.
Sometimes I am. In a good way.