Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday Night Football...

I have written time and time again about how I miss my daughter, the Queen.  She is a great person and I am so proud of her.  But really the reason I miss her is because she is a girl, has a girl's brain and gets me. 

Like tonight...The Denver Bronco's are playing their first game of the season...
"not first game, Mom,  but first game of the regular season"...I hear in the tone of  "is she stupid or what?" from my son.  "I know" I reply to be polite, but in my head I am thinking..."I could give a rip about this game."    Right now, one hour before the game starts, the three boys....Oh, I mean two boys and my husband, are sitting in front of the TV with their eyes fixed and their mouths open...drooling.  If the house caught on fire, they would still be sitting there in the same position.  They become one with the couch and with each other.   As my husband grabbed his beer and headed down, I walked by him.  He looked at me and said, "you going downstairs?"  When I said no...he skipped down the stairs and began to hum a happy tune.  I know exactly what he was thinking..."Thank God I don't have to listen to her tonight...The Bronco's are on!"

When my daughter was at home, we would go up to my bed, read and watch something like the "Biggest Loser" or a cooking show on football nights.  We would talk about how hard it is not to eat good stuff and cry at the end of the "Biggest Loser" because the contestants were doing good.  If my sons happened to come out of the Zombie football state and come upstairs, they would look at the TV and say, " all you guys watch is fat and food shows" and they would be correct but we didn't care.

It would be nice to have the Queen home but she is living her life and by God, it's time to live mine.  So tonight, I have my "Prevention" magazine to read, my TLC intervention show to watch and Van Morrison on Pandora.  Sounds fairly pathetic when you think about it.  But I have to say, lying in my bed reading is like heaven to me and with no one beside me in the bed to pay attention to...even better.   Don't spend a moment feeling sorry for me.  Enjoy your night and I will enjoy mine without Monday night football!  Oh yeah!!!

I gotta get my PJ's on climb into bed...
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

This is SO not pathetic. In fact, I just jumped off a friend's blog who was extolling her enjoyment of football and how she plans of loving it with her husband all season. I just can't relate. I despise football. There. I've said it.

Enjoy your book and alone-ness!

Ms. Moon said...

Sports on TV. Hunting. Fishing. All of the projects those last two things entail. I sometimes wonder why in hell people even bother to get married. But...it is nice to have that time alone when they are off...doing whatever they are doing.
I know you miss your Queen. Sigh.
You always will.
What a beautiful picture!