Saturday, October 8, 2011

For everything there is a season...

This morning, we woke up to snow.  For all the years that I have lived in Colorado, the first snow of the season shocks me.  You would think after 23 years of fall turning into winter...I would know how to deal with this.  But, again...I don't.  

My son, the senior, had a cross country meet in the city.  It was raining and the temperature was hovering around 38 degrees.  He ran well because, "Mom, this is great to run in."  Well, it is not great to be a spectator in.  I had on layers...that's what we do in Colorado when the snow flies.  I had a short sleeve t-shirt, long sleeve t-shirt, x-c sweatshirt and my down coat.  I had gloves on and the hood to the hoodie on.  It added another 20 pounds on to my already 50 pound overweight body and yet, I was still cold. 

My younger son had marching band practice today.  When I arrived at the high school to bring the older son from his race, the band was on the field in 4 inches of snow marching.  They were bundled up and they were all at attention.  The director was out there too...in his winter coat with a hat on and the microphone.  I can't tell you that I would be that dedicated when I was that age!

It's now Saturday night and we are home.  The boys are downstairs with a big fire burning.  It is cozy. 

While all this is going on, Jim is making pizza and we are listening to the Colorado Buffaloes get beat bad by Stanford.  The Queen is in Palo Alto with the pep band and we are hoping to hear her play her horn...obviously, we have little to no life. 

But...at least it is a life.  I finished my charting for the week and no one that I am caring for is waiting on the angels this weekend.  Sure, I wish it was warmer and dryer with the sun out, but we Coloradans know that tommorrow, when we wake up in October, the sun will be out and the snow that is left will be shimmering with gold and silver.  The Big O tire stores will be crowded with the folks like me that wait until the very last minute, slide down the hill in our neighborhoods and think about tires for the winter.  Then there are the folks who love winter...they probably made Chili for dinner, had the fire wood ready and love the white snow.  That is just not me.

You know what made me the saddest?  The pumpkin plant covered with snow and having to the cut the growing pumpkins off the vines.  This was the first year we had anything grow well and to watch my youngest son, who planted the seed, come home from school and see if his pumpkins had grown during the day...at almost 15...priceless.  Jim and I cut them off the vine, dried them off and brought them in.  We looked on the internet and learned that we can get them to turn orange if we keep them warm and let the sun work on them.  So we put them in the livingroom where the sun shines most of the day...

 So there you have it...a regular Saturday in our house.  The next two Saturdays are taken up by band competitions and the end of cross country.  I am trying not to look at that as the end of my son's high school career and a few more of his toes on one foot out the door.  But...that's the reality and for me, sometimes its hard to live there!

Here's to the sun shining on the melting snow tommorrow morning,
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,

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Elizabeth said...

Oh, dear, I just can't imagine getting excited about snow in early October. Here's to some more sunshine for you!