Sunday, November 13, 2011

How could you not?

I am transfixed with the news of Penn State.  I could not believe that when a person sees what this "eye witness" saw in the locker room, he walked away, called his dad and then called the coach.   Sure they went up through the proper channels...sort of...but how can a person see what he saw and let it go?
Let it go and hope for the best?  I don't see it.

I thought about what I would do.  What would you do?  I hope that I would have the nerve to go right to the police...powerful or not, program destroying or not.  If I saw evil happening I hope I would go and get help, report it and not hope it goes away.

So I classify that act...what happened in the Penn State football locker room as evil.  I would think that is cut and dry.  No gray areas...adult and child do not interface in that way...ever.  But what about the other evils of the world that I ignore because it doesn't matter that much to me?  Some people think dancing is evil...drinking is evil...along with other things.

Have we blurred right and wrong?  Is it wrong to love a person of the same sex and marry them?  I don't think so but some other people do.  There are so many things that are looked at as wrong or right in our eyes...what our moral compass thinks is right and wrong.  It's interesting to ponder isn't it?

I try to be polite if I don't care for someone.  I usually don't care for people that I percieve as hurting my kids.  Otherwise, I usually don't care either way.  I always hope that things will work out and nobody gets hurt.  I have seen deep pain in people and spend time wondering why life is so hard.  But, I can also look at things and cry tears of pure joy.  I hate injustice and want it to go away. 

So back to those coaches...how, if you see an innocent boy being taken advantage of by an adult...would you do it differently today?  Would you tell the cops and follow up?  If you knew there were going to be more abused boys...the count is up to 18?  How could you not?

I am at a loss for words when things like this happen.  How can someone do things like this and destroy children?  I just don't know.  Our job as adults is protect children and do it at all costs...the cost of your job, your program, and whatever else needs to be done so someone like that never does something like that to another child...that's our job as adults...and I expect nothing less.

It is our job to protect the children.  When you see something evil...
would you report it?  Again I ask...how could you not? 

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

I think the Penn State debacle is the tip of the iceberg that is the moral vacuity of our culture -- the dollar as almighty, the cult of personality, the bullshit that is college sports, money, money, money. I think they should abolish the football program at that school and all athletic departments do some serious soul-searching (not to mention Americans and what we demand).

Terry Joy said...

Elizabeth...I so agree. This is the tip of the iceberg in "Happy Valley" for sure. I am so confused as to why everyone would look the other way...and it seems after watching the news that it was the police, the school, the coaches...
everyone. Was winning football games more important and if so...
shame on all of them!