Sunday, November 6, 2011

On Occupations...

If you have read my writing, you probably know that I stray away from politics.  I am not a very political person and just want everyone to get along.  I feel like if I earn alot of money, I want to be able to keep it, give it or burn it if I want.  I also understand the folks that need help.  I do.  I have taken care of people that have nothing...no running water, no heat and barely a house here in our neck of the woods. 

I just don't understand the "occupation" stuff.  I want to understand it...and if it is something I think will change things...I will occupy.  I am all about making things better for everyone and I pray alot for things to change...but I haven't "occupied".  I  do read alot about what is going on and know that I am not getting the real story. 

Since I am in the car alot, I listen to the radio.  If you want to know the truth, I listen to everything, left and right...to try to understand.  Probably not the best way to get my info. 

But...I had a thought.  I was reading an article about how the chefs at the kitchen in one of the "occupy" cites were mad at the homeless coming to eat the food prepared for the others and how they were going to tone down the food to encourage them to go elsewhere.  I found that interesting. 

I still have no idea what to think.  I am not going to go to Denver and stand out there with a sign.  No...I'm not.  But, tommorrow night, the kids and I will go to the Denver Rescue Mission and prep for the homeless guy's dinner and then when dinner is ready, we will serve them. 

You "occupiers" do what you  need to do for things to change and I will just do what I need to do.  For me, yeah, I want things to change...but in the mean time, I will try to help in little tiny ways...and hope for the best.

That's me on my soap box, in my warm house with dinner cooking on the stove...feeling incredibly lucky and wishing everyone who wants the same has it.  I know they don't and probably won't but in the mean time, we can try to do what we think will help, right?

I think I will put my soap box back in the closet and get back to my regular opinions...about being heavy, old and raising teenagers!  I feel like I know more about those things than politics anyway.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

I, for one, love whatever you say! What I've learned about the Occupy Movement -- I think -- is that the people involved want the government to stop being beholden to Money in all its forms. They are not against the government but against the government being bought by special interest money, about the incredible corruption and influence of corporate interests and the growing extreme disparity between the very, very wealthy and everyone else. It's interesting because unlike the Tea Party, which is also populist and "grassroots," the OWS movement is NOT backed by massive amounts of cash (like the Tea Party) and so far doesn't seem to be exploited by the powers that be. I find it incredibly interesting and uniquely American.

Ms. Moon said...

If we all did what we were set here on earth to with as much grace as you do, it would be a much better world.