Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall Saturday in Conifer...

Today was a beautiful fall day here in Conifer.  The leaves on the Aspen trees are a shimmering yellow/ gold color and the temperature is a lovely 70 degrees.  This is my favorite time of year.

The "Mountain Bowl" was played today at the high school and it is a rivalry that goes back years and years. The stands were full with parents of teenagers and the mood was positive.

My youngest got to play his tuba in the half time show and did a nice job...

My son is the third  from the right with the gold tuba

It was a shame that the Conifer Lobo's lost but in the immortal words of the Queen, "Band team always wins" so at least one group of kids I was pulling for won.

Ever since I came home from the cruise, I have been struggling to find a new normal with three of us in the house.  I have made dinner for 5 for years and then 4 for two years and now I am making dinner for 3...hardly worth it to me.  But I have been.  It's taken all of my energy to keep mothering.  I'm not sure why but it has.

The cruise was good...bittersweet.  There is nothing bad about smiling dolphins

crystal blue water and snorkeling around trying not to spill your drink...

drinks that were served in plastic replicas of blow fish

and feeling the sun, sea and cool breeze of Honduras.

It's a different world on a cruise ship in the Caribbean than in the little town of Conifer.  Two Saturdays ago, it was a "fun day at sea" where I was on ship time.  The pool was warm, the tropical drinks were flowing and if we played our cards right, a nap in the middle of the day would allow for another round of one too many tropical drinks before bed...and let me tell you, we played our cards right.

I couldn't live like that and really, I couldn't have done too many more days of that either.  God knows, I could hardly button my shorts on the last day.  But it made me appreciate the contrast that my life is...the fact that I get up every morning, hit the gym and go to work helping people...that I can't be on "ship time" because I need to pick my 15 year old up from school and do the "Mom" thing (even if I am just going through the motions) and if I was independently wealthy, I bet I would need a purpose besides drinking and relaxing in the sun.

Here's the thing...I wouldn't mind trying it for awhile again!

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,

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