Friday, September 28, 2012

Nothin' fancy...

When you stop for a minute and sit down, do you fall asleep?  Is that normal or am I becoming an old woman at 48?  As Mac would say, "D, all of the above, Mom."  

Yeah, he's right...all of the above.  Today started early in the morning when my cat brought a mouse, alive and in bed at 3:45 am because he loves me so much.  I jumped up,  ran around the room and then shut the bedroom door and went back to sleep.

The alarm went off at 6 and I woke my youngest up.  He is like a bear...sleeping and snoring and not wanting to get out of bed.  It takes a wake up every 5 minutes for him to finally get up.  As I was thinking I would call Jim in London and tell him it was his fault that we had mice, the phone rang...at about 6:15 and it was Jim.  Weird, huh?  We caught up on the day and believe it or not, discussed how we missed each other...how we do better when we are both home.  

Howie and I put the dogs out, shut the house down, drove to school...him driving, and then me to the gym.  Talk about no energy and total body fatigue...you could find my name in that column.  I was pouring sweat, complaining the whole time and just miserable.  All the beautiful ladies that I aspire to be were cheering me on.  "Come on Terry, you can do it"  and finally I said, "Isn't anyone tired today...come on."  They said they were but they have way less body to exercise and I guess that helps.  Anyway, I made it through the class and wished I could go home and nap.  Nope, not today.

I headed over to the office and figured out my day.  5 patients to get taken care of.  "I can do this" I thought.  Went about my day pretty uneventfully, thank God.  Then to the grocery store to shop for the band.  Need to get the final items to feed the gang tomorrow at the competition.

Finished shopping, headed to pick up Howie from baseball practice and began to cook.  As we speak, there are 75 potatoes baking in my oven, two pots of chili on the stove (regular and veggie), onions, chives, tomatoes and lettuce chopped up in the fridge.  The car has 120 little waters on ice for pre-show water, an "on the bus breakfast" and there are two coolers in the kitchen to load at "O dark-thirty" to leave for the competition.  Here's the thing, that's one third of the work it takes to keep a group on 100ish teenagers fed for band.

To top it off, Howie and I had a great dinner of grilled steak, baked potato for him and veggies for me.  We sat at the kitchen table, said our prayers and ate like little pigs.  We know how to have a good time.

My husband called during the day to say hello.  "What time is it there" I said as I heard him yawn.  It was around 8pm and he was tired.  "Where are you, anyway?" I asked.  He told me the name of the hotel and I had to laugh.  I have been too busy to even worry about how or where he was.   Jim and I have been married for almost 24 years and together for about 25.  That's more than half my life.  

I missed him this week.  I missed my best friend.  After 25 years, we know what we are thinking (even if we don't admit it), we know how to make each other mad and we know that even when we are sick of each other, eventually, we need to connect again.  We have to or things just aren't right.  He is a great person, a great father and best friend...I couldn't have asked for a kinder person to put up with me all these years.

Tomorrow, the band will march at 10:45 am and we will wait all day to see if they get to march again in the finals.  During that time, I will be looking at my watch and wondering where Jim is...on a plane from London, on a plane from DC where he had a connecting flight or is he on his way to the competition.    Either which way, I have been missing him and want him home.

If the band does "go", the plan is for Jim to take a cab over to the competition to see the band perform.  He loves those kids and already missed the competition on Monday.  In my mind, I have been imagining him walking into the crowd at the stadium and seeing him, tired, happy and looking all 51 years of his age.  I also imagine that I will give him a hug and a kiss and tell him how glad I am he is home and okay...Nothing too fancy, but that is how we roll in our house...nothing too fancy, just us.

It's after 9pm, and I am exhausted.  The last bit of food is almost cooked, the marching band uniform is washed, the shoes are shined, the kitchen is clean, the dogs are in, my son is sitting here doing a bacteria computer game and I have poured myself a glass of pink wine. 

Now that's what I call "Nothing fancy" but a good day...and I can tell you, I'm still really tired.

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful post, Terry. Life. And all that stuff. And WHERE did you learn to cook for the masses?
You could start a new career as a caterer. Damn.

sandie said...

Wow! No wonder you are tired! Cooking all of that food would cerrtainly wear me out! What a good Mom you are! Hope all goes well with competition and the hubby gets home safe and sound! Have a good weekend, what will be left of it!!!