Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Some thoughts on red and blue...

The election is over and I am very glad.  I want to come clean and let you all know that I voted for Romney.  I voted for him because of his experience running businesses and getting budgets balanced.  I didn't like his social agenda at all...but in my brain, I figured that if his business savvy can end this recession...all the rest can be worked out.  Pretty simple conclusions I guess...

In Colorado, the "us against them, me against you if we don't agree" was crazy.   I was talking about who I was leaning for but wasn't sure and got called a "racist" and a"homophobe"...that I was one of "them."  I'm sure folks voting for Obama got the same type of treatment.  Listen, I am an registered independent...although when I got my ballot, I thought I was a registered democrat.  It is a free country and I believe you can vote for who think will run the country best and so can I...without being called names!

Now on the news, I hear that both parties are posturing about what went on last night.  The Democrats are saying they aren't going to let the Republicans push them around and the Republicans are going to dig their heels in.  Are we all adults or what?  The President is one man and if the congress doesn't figure out how to play nice...give concessions on both sides, we are never going to move forward.  

So, I am worried.  Not worried about what President Obama is gonna do but what he is not going to be able to do with all of these hard headed politicians.  

The question was asked "Are you better off than four years ago?"  If I answer truthfully, I am not.  Jim hasn't had a raise...cost of living or merit in 4 years, I am working for an agency that uses Medicare and Medicaid for payment...and they have all decreased the payments to us and hence, me.   Having said that, I'm pretty damn lucky to be where I am.  I am living what I think of as the american dream...a nice home, kids, husband and food on the table...

I guess I sound complacent and entitled to this life...and maybe I do.  I am also lucky and I know that too.  My father was a cop in New York and my mother drove a school bus.  I was raised in a lower middle class family and my parents never went to college.  My father barely finished high school...but took the test to be a cop and passed.  My father built our home in Yonkers with the help of other cops and firemen on their days off.  They had no  mortgage...just hard work and saved money from a cops salary.  I have seen folks work hard for what they have...

But honestly, I would love to have more money...and a lot of it.  If I won the lottery, I wouldn't give it back...

I wish President Obama the best...and Michelle and the kids.  I can't imagine that this four years is gonna be much easier than the last four although I hope so.  I also hope the folks in Congress get over themselves and hear what the people are saying and work for us...because you know what...they do.

As for Jim and I, since they legalized pot last night in Colorado, we are going buy some land in Grand Junction and start growing it...industrialized and recreational.  I am sure that will make us more money and probably make a lot of people pretty happy.  

Here's my wish for all of us be you a republican, democrat, peace or green party...May we stop the fighting, come together and get the country moving into a peaceful time of prosperity!

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,

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