Monday, November 26, 2012


I got a comment on my blog yesterday from my dear friend Ms. Moon about my husband, Jim...about why he was getting handsomer (if that's a word) as the years go by.  I looked at the picture I took of him...in his overalls, without a shower and brushing of teeth and wondered the same thing.

He looks the same as he did when we met.  Sure he has gray hair in his beard and gray in the little hair he has left but he still looks pretty good.  I don't even notice the wrinkles on his face that he says he has.

What is it about men and aging?  I look like I am about 60 years old.  I have a ton of gray hair and I color it but it comes out this funny red color which only makes me older looking.  I have a bunch of hair on my face...thankfully it looks like peach fuzz but usually there is one or two black whiskers that need attention.  It is just not fair.

I exercise 5 days a week, try to watch what I eat take anything that comes along that Dr. Oz says will help burn fat.  He eats ice cream every  night, 10 pieces of toast for breakfast and if he runs once a month, he is bragging about how he worked out.  

I don't quite understand it but it must be in the genes.  My genes are not great.  My mother was old looking when I was a kid.  I remember having the "old" mother and not wanting her to come to my school.  She did anyway.  I guess paybacks are hell.  I am becoming the old mom now.  Poor Howie!

Anyway, today has been a good day.  A walk in the frost and fog, being caught up at work and doing some birthday shopping for my 16 year old to be...

The best thing though...Turkey soup boiling on the stove from a young looking 51 year old husband who worked from home, a kid that can finally swallow after 5 days of a terrible sore throat, and being told I look pretty in my jeans and top I wore today.  

He may be looking good for 51 but he needs glasses.  Hey listen, I'll take it and pretend he can see...

We'll  tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

You're too hard on yourself. In every photo that I've seen of you on this blog, you look adorable.

So, there.

Ms. Moon said...

I read this before I took my walk this morning and I was thinking about it the whole time and it is just so unfair. I swear- my walks are so painful. I put myself through this almost every damn day and then my legs and joints hurt all the time. ALL THE TIME! and really- is this improving my quality of life? Is it? God knows I'm not skinny.
I don't have any answers but yes, I think that genes are 99% of it. And hormones. Genes and hormones. There you go. You're welcome.