Wednesday, April 17, 2013

But we need the moisture...

If I am totally honest, and most of the time I am (to a fault I am told)...I hate snow in April.  If I am really honest, I am not the snow lover that I used to be.  When my kids were little and I bundled them up and watched them play in the snow, make snowmen and snow caves...I thought it was kinda fun.  I mean, when we went to Meyer's Ranch and hooked a bunch of tubes together and flew down the hill...that was fun too.  Even back then, by mid-April, Jim was hiding the kitchen knives. 

Last Sunday, when I flew into Denver from Florida, the sky was blue and it was cold but sunny.  We have not really seen the sun since..this gray sky, snow day after day when it is supposed to be spring and in the 60's just about kills me.  I can hardly handle it. 

I know that there are much worse things in life than snow in April.  We saw it the other day at the marathon with the bombs...yes, of course.  And, in case you forgot, I help people die with grace and dignity...so I get it.

Some people, me being one of them, happen to have a sad side to life that I keep tucked neatly away for most of my days.  I get up most mornings and do okay, get my coffee, work through the aches and pains, change the soaked shirt from the hot flashes of perimenopause during my sleep and think..."What am I gonna do today?" with a general feeling of positivity or at least 50 % positivity.  Now those feelings change to more than 50 % when I am on the thin side, Jim and I are getting along, and my kids are okay.  Then...there is the color of the sky factor.

I need to see the sun.  The Colorado Bureau of Tourism says we have about 350 days of sunshine every year.  They are a bunch of lying liars!  At least that is the way I feel right now. 

Then there is the moisture/wild fire factor that happens in the spring.  As soon as we don't get big snows in January, the alarm goes off in the news about our "snowpack".  Our snowpack was pitiful this year and we were being told to plan on wild fires.  Our neighborhood, my husband included, is doing a plan to clear cut the trees on a bunch of acres to save our houses when the fires come.  That's the hope anyway. 

January wasn't too good, February was also pretty dry and March was too.  The water restrictions came out in Denver and the talk continued about how "dry" Colorado is.   Whenever I would talk to someone about bad weather...the canned response was "You better not complain, we need the moisture."  I have to say, I even bought into it these last few months...when I got on the airplane last Tuesday and watched them de-ice the plane, I thought "Great, we get a bunch of snow while I'm in Florida and I can come home to spring."  Yeah, right.

The "water people" say..."Welcome to spring in Colorado, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change...ha, ha, he, he."  Well, it's been 5 minutes, and actually, it's been 3 days of almost continuous flakes of some sort falling out of the sky and as you can tell, I am not laughing. 

Even the "water people" seem to be getting a little testy...Facebook is covered with pictures of decks and lawn furniture covered with snow and snarky sayings about the seasons here in good old Colorado.  Now, the New Yorker in me says to the Coloradoan in me, "Why don't you move?" but I guess I would rather just complain, huh?

An example of what too much snow does to my family...

Jim comes up to my office and asks me how I am and I say "fine" looking out the window   "but I think I'm just gonna drink" and he laughs and walks away like it's the natural conversation of a crazy woman.

Shortly after that Howie comes up with a glass cruet for salad dressing filled with smoke to show me..."What is that?" I ask, to which he responds , "Smoke."  "Oh, do you have some pot?" I ask.  He laughs and tells me he is doing a chemistry experiment, and the smoke is from a candle.  "You gonna start smoking pot, Mom?" he says, to which I say..."If it doesn't stop snowing..."  He walks away with the same walk that Jim had...I could see him shaking his head and I am sure thinking, "this woman is crazy." 

But you know what, I am crazy and getting crazier by the gray, snowy day in Spring.

The weather folks are saying we may be coming out of this "pattern" for a few days before the next spring storm hits.  I did not sign up to live in Antarctica but it sure feels like it and what's this about the "next spring storm?" 

I am going to pour myself a glass of wine and make dinner.  When it gets dark, I am going to bed with the hope the sun peaks out tomorrow even if its for a few minutes...

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

How in the world do you stand it?

Elizabeth said...

I hear you. I will hope for that for you. You know, I lived most of my life on the east coast and do not miss it at all BECAUSE, and solely because of those months of gray. Sometimes, I think it's literally the sunny day itself here in Los Angeles that keeps me alive.

ain't for city gals said...

Kind of like "but it is a dry heat" in Arizona...after 3 months of 110 just doesn't cut it...nowhere is perfect I guess...except Hawaii in my opinion. I am planning "my great escape"...