Monday, April 15, 2013

What is going on?

I arrived back from visiting my sister in Florida yesterday where the temperature was 80 degrees and sunny.  I noticed as I was getting off the plane that I started to feel ill...tight chest and a funny cough.  Great, I thought.  The weather in Denver was sunny and cool but so glorious. 

I talked to my boys, Jim and Howie and then went to lay down.  I awoke in the afternoon with a soaked t-shirt and generalized body aches.  Lovely...it's here.  I am sick...and there is no getting around it. 

This morning, I got up, and looked outside.  It was gray and snowy and the news says we are going to have snow until Wednesday.  I had my coffee, showered and saw my patients...bolstered on cold medication.  I made it until 1 pm and came home, climbed into bed and planned on calling it a day. 

I woke up and turned the TV on.  All I could see was the bombing in Boston at the marathon...two people dead and scores of folks injured.  Why?  Is this a terrorist attack?  Is this just a crazy person who didn't get into the race and figured he would get them back?  Why would anyone want to hurt another human being just to do it? 

As I write this, a special report "Terror at the Boston Marathon" is playing on the TV.  Now we watch this and wonder.  One of the good things I can say is at least Diane Sawyer is sober as she is reporting.

What is the world coming to?  How does one continue to look at the bright side when we have people that continue to do these kinds of things?  I guess the question is more rhetorical than something that anyone can answer.  But...there has to be something.  Is it as simple as reaching out and being positive, helping someone in need, focusing on the good?  Once again, I do not know...

I am looking out my window at the falling snow...8 inches at this point and still coming down. I am counting my blessings while praying for comforting angels for the families of the dead and injured.  I am thinking about how it could be any one of us at any big event that we attend... No, the world is not safe and it probably never has been...

So we go on.  We watch the TV and hope for the best, and we tell ourselves not to be afraid.  What else can we do?  If anyone has any answers...let me know because I am all ears.

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,

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Ms. Moon said...

Of all the billions of people on earth, there are a tiny few who have such evil in their hearts. Can you take comfort in that? I don't know. But believe me, Terry, there is far more good. I believe that.
Now rest and get well.
I love you.