Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I Buckled...

        I buckled...under the pressure...of wanting my kid to like me.

My youngest son saved enough money for a Xbox360.  He saved almost 300.00 and wanted to buy one.  Initially, I said no.  "You don't need one of those so you can sit on the couch all summer and work your thumbs"...but then, he got straight A's.  He didn't even need me to harp on him to do his homework...he just did it.  So, after that, I started to soften.  I told him we could talk about it.  Then I told him he needed to talk to his dad. 

The night came when he talked to his dad.  We were laying in bed and he came in and asked..."Dad, I have enough money and I want to buy an Xbox 360.  Can I buy one?"  Immediately, Jim said no.  He didn't even flinch...no...no working your thumbs on the couch all summer. I looked at my son's face and tears sprung to his eyes.  He stood there and looked at me.  My husband said to me," Okay, honey, help me with this...be the voice of reason."  I looked at my boy and knew I was getting ready to buckle...I finally said, "He did get straight A's without me bugging him, and he saved the money to buy...." before I finished, Jim said,"OK, he can buy it."

Today, we went and bought the Xbox...my boy had it all organized and knew exactly what he wanted.  We walked in, he went to the case and picked it out.  Then, it was time to buy a game.  We looked and looked and they all were rated "M".  "No way", I said, "No killing games and no bad stuff."  Of course, there is no such thing as a video game that you don't kill things or have naked people...so I am learning.  We spent a long time looking...

Finally, I started to read the back of the "M" rated video games .  I found one with Zombies in it...and it was rated "M".  But...it only contains "Blood and Gore, Intense violence and language"...so I turned to the salesman and said," Oh, we'll take that one, we experience that every night at our house."  Plus...you only kill Zombies, its not real life.  My oldest son let me know that in this particular Zombie game...I happen to sound exactly like the witch!

My son is ecstatic...he finally has a Xbox 360.  He bought it with his own money and is setting it up for some serious video games this weekend.  I, of course, have set myself up to be the bad guy...the witch, if you will.  But, I at times, I make a great witch...just ask my husband.

We'll tawk soon,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

Wow. I'm so impressed that he saved the money for the thing. And I totally understand and don't think you've "caved." I'm sure you'll be watching those grades and ensuring that they stay up, though!

Ms. Moon said...

This is exactly how it always went in my house. I think you did the right thing- he learned that if he works hard and has a plan and earns the money, he gets the reward.
Now see if he'll let you play too.