Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Beloved Spot...

Just a quick addition to the week...our beloved Spot, the leopard gecko, passed away last Saturday.  He is waiting in an evelope in the garage for us to have a proper burial....We figured he was about 10ish.  I wonder what that is in leopard gecko years?  Anyway, may he have all the live crickets in his final place of rest along with the love of a good companion...

So along with our birthday party for my middle son, we will have a burial outside next to Shelly.  The hole is ready, we just need to give him a proper send off.  Plus, the garage is starting to have a strange smell...

Enjoy your Saturday.
We'll tawk soon,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

my condolences --

and happy birthday!

Ms. Moon said...

Honey Pie, I'm sorry your gecko died but hell- a good excuse to have a grand funeral.
I know this sounds awful but I just wish Pearl would GO!