Sunday, May 1, 2011


In Colorado, May is one of those months that you never know what you are going to get.  In the city, Denver, it is usually warm and the flowers are blooming...but up here at 8800 feet...winter is still lurking around the corner.

Yesterday was one of those days.  It was supposed to be cold and snowy but turned out to be cloudy and cool.  After baseball, my youngest son went to a buddies house and my oldest son went to have dinner with his girl.  Jim and I were going to be alone!  As I was driving back from the ball game, I called him on his cell phone and set up the night.  "Guess what?  We are going to be home alone later...I have an idea."  "What do you have in mind" he asked.  I could hear the anticipation in his voice..."Let's get the tractor out and put rocks all around the dogs pen so they don't run away and then while we are at it, let's spread the horse manure and put out the grass seed on the front yard."  Not exactly the romantic night but when you gotta make hay when the sun shines or there is a chance of moisture.

I got home and got ready to do some tractor driving.  First, Jim drove the tractor around and he and I picked up boulders and rocks to put by the pen.  We put the rocks on both sides  of the fence so the dogs can try to dig under them but will never get out.   Take that, you three mutts!

Then we got the rake, I found the grass seed and the wildflower mix and Jim brought me the first load of manure.  It was old and black...perfect.  My neighbor has a mule and a horse and when the corrals get full of horse poop, she just brings a load over and dumps it in our yard by the driveway.  Yep...but oh, it makes for great soil after some time.  Anyway, I raked the manure around the front yard, load after load, until about 12 tractor loads of manure were spread.  I had a huge blister on my thumb and I was ready to be done.  Then I got the seed spreader and mixed a nice batch of grass for high altitude and wildflowers and walked all over the front yard.  I was very proud of myself.

Meanwhile, my oldest son called and wanted to know if I had made dinner because he and his girl would come and eat with us..."Your father and I are tractor driving and spreading manure so there is no dinner made" I said "You should take her out to dinner".  I didn't think twice and I went outside and finished my job.

Jim and I came in, announced to each other that it was beer-thirty and I pulled out some left overs for dinner.  That was about 6:30.  We ate, drank our beer and decided that we were grown ups and if we wanted to go upstairs and watch TV in bed...it is a free country.  The Rockies were playing and before I knew it...I was dozing off to sleep.  It was around 8 pm.

In walks my son...calling for us from the kitchen.  He walks upstairs and starts to laugh..."What is this, the old folks home?  It's not even dark and you two are in bed!"  I thought to myself, he is right...we are so old.  "By the way, Mom, you might be a redneck when a date for you and dad is driving the tractor and spreading manure."  He is oh so right and I didn't know how to reply to because we are who we are.

I woke up this morning to a blanket of clean, white snow.  My manure and seed were getting the moisture to start off a good grow.  I looked out the front door at my work and was so pleased.  In about a month, there will be sprigs of green and maybe some bright colored wildflowers mixed through...

Tommorrow is the start of another week...I hope it is warm and sunny with just a little moisture to keep my grass seed from blowing away but not too much so the manure starts to stink. 

I guess I don't have too many problems if that is what I am wishing for...

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Michele R said...

Too funny about your hot date! But such a smart move seeing how you woke up to some snow. Smart is sexy!

Ms. Moon said...

You crack me up.
Love you, baby.