Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Snow, blinds and Peace...

Today, when I woke up, there was 6 inches of snow on the ground. I could say that I really didn't care but of course, I did.  I wandered around thinking about going back to bed and taking another run at it tomorrow.  But then, I remembered that my niece was visiting from Florida and snow is a big deal.  

I found her sitting in the living room looking out the window with child like wonder...and I had to smile.  This kid is 26 and was excited to experience the snow.  Before we left for the airport, she went outside to touch it and to  feel how cold it is.

It made me think a lot about how we look at things...about how I look at things.  The snow is a bummer for me because I am so ready for spring and planting my flowers and opening my windows to smell the fresh air.  I look at spring snow, especially this late, as a burden, a problem and something that I need to get through.  Needless to say, I don't look at it positively.

It's interesting to change how we look at things.  I think about when I walk into a dying person's home and want to help them think about leaving as a release from pain, suffering and that they now have control of how they leave us.  Believe it or not, I try to make it as positive as I can.  But, put a little spring snow in my path and I can't get past it...

We drove to the airport in the snow and I watched my niece as she video taped the falling snow, noticing the big snow flakes, the hills covered in white and how it changed the drive.  She spent the ride marveling about the snow.  I gripped the wheel and felt like the winter was never going to end.

Then I came home.  Jim had a rack of pork ribs ready to go into the oven, Howie was doing his homework and the blinds in my office were being hung.  I started to feel a sweet feeling of peace...

We  had dinner and I did some laundry, played banangrams with my husband with a cocktail and moved to my office.  The cat was sound asleep on the clean laundry and pandora had my favorite station playing...

I must say, life does not get better than this..spring snow or not.

You see, I spent the week with my niece and her "boyfriend" learning about her life, her dreams and hanging with her sweetie, making her feel at home and remembering the days when she was a kid.  I got to explore places that I haven't taken the time to right in my back yard (Golden and Evergreen), drank plenty of good wine, ate great meals, and played some mean basketball.  We even got to hang out on Pearl Street in Boulder on a Saturday night with the college kids...

So a little snow...yeah, I want it to go away but hey, I got my blinds up in my office and a cat on the bed and my heart is full of sweet peace.  

That, my friends, is what makes life worth living...at least for me!

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

Sometimes I am just completely hit with a feeling of gratefulness and great gladness to be exactly where I am and I wonder- why can't it always be this simple? Why can't always appreciate this life and all it holds for what it is, which is actually pretty amazing?
And then something comes along and I forget or maybe I just lose the feeling and I so wish I could keep it. Such a sweet, simple thing- to appreciate.

Elizabeth said...

A wonderful reminder. Bless you for writing it --