Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Sitting in the Sh*t (poop) of life

Man...humans have to deal with alot of unexpected things that knock us off of our center.  If it isn't us, it's our friends, our kids and our folks that we love.  I look at it as "sitting in the sh*t" with our friends so when it is our turn...they sit with us.

A friend of mine is starting the war against breast cancer.  She is doing the chemo thing, did the radiation thing and surgery thing and then she waits.  All summer, she will go and get the meds to kill the enemy, fight the fight and hopefully, this is just a big bump in the road of life where we evaluate, change our priorities and live until we are good and old.  But, right now...she and her friends are sitting in the sh*t with her.  And, I have to say...that is where the greatness of human kindness shines through.

I sent an email out to get meals for the family.  She's got a great family  with growing boys and a worried husband.  The response I got from the crowd in our town was and is phenomenal.  Everyone wants to help...to feed, to drive and to love.  I had the month of June filled up before 8am this morning and have the waiting list for July in my email folder.  They are going to be fed like kings and queens...and I am sure it will make us all feel better too.    Hopefully, it will help my friend rest and recuperate and get rid of the nasty cells and move on. 

When the summer is done, we will have a huge party with uneaten food from the freezer and drinks all around the celebrate the victory.  I am looking forward to that...my friend.

Friday, I leave on a plane to go see a dear friend that lost her soul mate in Afghanistan last September.  She misses him more than I will ever know but she goes on.  She has to get out of bed every day, living in a situation she didn't want or pick and go on.  She is unbelievable and I cannot wait to hang out with her.  But...another unplanned fork in the road.

My job is based on unplanned forks in the road of life.  My sweet patient who has the lovely wife is failing...and he is sad that his time is coming.  I sat on the couch and we talked about just that.  How it has been so good and he has been so lucky and how he and his wife got so lucky to have this love but...it's going to be time to go soon. We talked about how while he isn't fooling himself...he would rather stay longer.  I didn't know what to say...I would rather he stay longer too.  But...alot of the time, we don't have control of things. 

So, I think I am getting comfortable sitting in the sh*t.  While we were packing for Nicaragua, I held up my favorite adult diapers for my husband to know when it is my time to wear them.  When I need them because I'll be the one who needs them and he'll be sitting in the sh*t with me (maybe literally).  You see, we will all be there eventually and it is nice to have some folks that can stand the smell.

So, I want to give a shout out to all the folks that can tolerate the bad smell, the feeling of complete fear and the forks in the road but still love each other through it all.

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Lo said...

good for you, Terry.....you're doing things the way they oughta be done.

Good luck to to your friends.

Ms. Moon said...

Oh yes. I do know what you're talking about.