Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vacations are funny...

My son and I are home.  We made it from Hawaii with the typical flying bothers but really it was all good.  I must still have some of the "Aloha spirit".  This vacation was what I think of when other people go on vacation.  You know me and my mythical other people with the perfect lives...those people.  I haven't been on one of those in 20 years and I now understand why.

We arrived in Lihue on Friday, separate traveling groups...sort of like "Survivor, Ritter style".  Jim and my younger son traveled on United with frequent flyer miles and since Jim is...ahem...a red carpet dude,  my youngest was thinking that they were probably going to travel first class.  My older son and I were on the Cheapo air flight or as we referred to it...Bucket of bolts airline with no food, no tv's and your had to sit with your ankles up around your head...but...we made it.  Since they got there first, they got the rental, hit Costco and got the necessary items for a vacation and picked us up at the airport.  The condo we stayed in was awesome.  You could look out the window and less than 100 feet away was the pacific ocean in all her glory.  And boy did she sound good especially at night when we had eaten dinner,  had a few cocktails and heard the stories of the family.  I got into the habit of lying down on the bed and just listening to the ocean....pretty peaceful stuff.

In the mornings, we would have our coffee and then go through the, "what do you want to do today" exercise for an hour or two and decide and go.  We always ended up at a beach with some fashion of water toy to spend the day doing.  Boogie boards, surf boards, snorkel equipment...or all of the above.  We went to beaches called Tunnels, Hanalei bay or one with big waves that I can't even say.  We went to small towns and shopped, I mean looked...and of course, the Big Save on the way home to get what we needed for dinner. 

Cocktail hour was 4:30 to 5 at Jim's Aunt's condo.  They live on the Island and love it there.  They are older women and have the routine.  An added bonus was Jim's sister, who was there assisting "the girls" as we called them.  She did what she needed to do and then connected with us everyday.  It was a good time.

I learned a few things about myself in all my relaxing.  I can't relax...I mean, I can, but it takes work.  I spent the beginning of the vacation trying to keep things organized and clean, wanting clothes picked up and shoes left outside and towels hung up.  I wanted the kitchen clean so when we came home from the beach, it was ready to cook.  Well, that is work.  Work to try to get two teenage boys and an almost 50 year old, freaking out husband to not look at me like I am crazy.  We're on vacation...they would say.  We even had a small throw down about the dishes one morning when we had a stand off.   There was yelling and gnashing of teeth, which, I am sure the other guests at the condo complex enjoyed, before the dishes were done.

The other thing I learned is that even though I bought a new bathing suit, I was putting it on the same old body.  That sentence just speaks for itself.  I also learned, that in Hawaii, part of the Aloha spirit, is that...if your comfortable, any body can wear any suit and walk the beach.  Large women in thongs, small men in speedos, what ever...but I was still not happy in my suit.  And when I say "not happy" that is an understatement.

The biggest thing I learned is that when I go on vacation, I am still with me.  And sometimes me is a likable person and sometimes not.  I am sure alot of us feel this way, but when I have time to think...it is apparent where my head is at these days...and it's not too fond of me.  Normal...I don't know, sad...a little...but ok...yes.

The nice thing about this life is being able to make changes...if I am not liking me...what is the "not liking" part and change it...right?  I am going to work on that.

So, we're home.  I had a little trouble sleeping without the pacific singing to me but when I woke up and saw Pike's Peak with the sun warming her arms and legs...I realized home is good and the other stuff will come along.  It will, it always does or time passes and it doesn't.  The nice part is that I can change things if I decide to.  That's a good thing to learn on vacation. 

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

Welcome "Home" girl. I missed you.

Elizabeth said...

Oh, this post made me smile, laugh a bit, nod my head in recognition and affirmation and everything else. My favorite line: "The other thing I learned is that even though I bought a new bathing suit, I was putting it on the same old body."

And the last photo of you and your husband is beautiful. Your eyes ARE the Pacific!

Anonymous said...

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