Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's catch up...

I woke up today and realized that it's the last day of January.  Good bye and good luck!  I made some serious resolutions that have turned into a joke, spent time healing my 'retrocalcaneal bursitis" with food and wine, that 11 pounds icon on the right is probably up 11 at this point ...and now to begin the transition of the middle child leaving for college in the fall. 

Mac holding his college admission letter!
 My boy got accepted last week after some "issues" with the application. 
He applied to be admitted by the 15th of January and on the 15th, he got a message that he didn't have all the forms in.  "Yes you do" I said with a tone of voice like the folks at CU were just stupid.  "Call them and tell them they're wrong" I told my boy.  He called that day and the cute girl on the other end told him that he was missing the information about his criminal record!  In his rush to get the forms filled out, he checked yes for felonies, and suspensions!  Thankfully, we have not had to deal with anything like that...yet!!!  To fix it was equally interesting...download the "I checked yes and meant no" form and get it to them.  Done and Done...but made for tense times and interesting discussion in our house.

We were sitting at the dinner table last night and the boys started belching loud...I mean...the kind of burps that could win awards.  Jim raised his voice and said, "That's enough."  My youngest shot back at him and told him, "Mom burps like that all the time" and Jim looked at me and shot back, "Not tonight, though."  My youngest went on to say that "Mom started it a long time ago and now we just burp". 

I had to get in on the argument, so of course I said "So Howie, if I started wearing diapers and pooping my pants, would you do that just because I did?"  The room fell silent and Jim turned to me and as he put his hands over his face..."Did you have to go straight to the pooping your pants example, or could you have used a different one?" We all busted out laughing because once again I am so predictable!

I like routine and I have yet to have one materialize.  Without the gym every day...ok...every few days, I don't have the push to get going.  The weather isn't even routine these days.  The end of January is usually cold and darkish with snow.  This month has been warm, unseasonably so, and then gray and cold.  Hard to know what is going on. 

I spent a few days in Florida to see my family.  It was great but also difficult.  Every year when I go to Florida and see my siblings, at some point, we talk about who is going to be sick or gone the next time we get together.  I always think its going to be me, as my husband tells me when I mention a malady, "You're always dying of something"  and my siblings say no, its going to be me or I am the one or talk like that.  Well, this time, there is a sick one and like I mentioned in my last blog, it is difficult to know how to help.    The nurse part of me wants to take over and the family part of me just wants it to go away.  Damn you, cancer...go away!

I got tons of kudos for the tractor story as if I made that happen without help.  The story was sort of a public relations story for our agency because that kind of thing doesn't happen very much.  It was put in the local papers and people called me and left messages on my answering machine telling me how wonderful I was.  Yeah, right.  That kind of thing makes me so uncomfortable and want to climb under a rock.  I love to hear that I have done a good job with my patients and helped the families, but I am totally uncomfortable with the attention when it is more than that.  It makes me feel wierd.

My family and I have decided that we are going to forego Nicaragua this summer.  I have such mixed feelings about that too.  I love going, once I get there, and I love the people.  But, sometimes, there are things that are not meant to be and this summer, it is  not meant to be.  We are going to Juarez in March with Casas Por Christo.  I am looking forward to that trip as I have never gone with my family.  The last time I went to Mexico was in 2001 and that was with other people's kids.  I look forward to watching my boys and the Queen speak spanish and work their butts off!

Baseball season is upon us.  The boys went to the first winter hitting practice last Saturday morning.  The boys will try out at the end of February for the high school baseball team.  Because in Colorado, especially in the mountains, winter comes and stays, they have to practice before the try out...they get rusty.  In my boys case, they grew...alot...and have to work out the kinks of gangly, growing limbs as well.  It should be interesting.  Oh, and the hair cut for baseball...

My tractor lady is still a big source of joy...and her family is doing an amazing job caring for her.  We all should be so lucky when it is our time. 

The sunset last night... 

And the sunrise this morning was beautiful...

So I wonder what I am complaining about.  Today is upon me and I better get going.  I don't know what to say except that I am pretty lucky.  While I was sitting here, my husband walked up to tell me what a lucky guy he is to have our family...and I think I believe him.  Sometimes when I don't have an ounce of sunshine in my soul, he tends to have enough for both of us.  I don't know how but he does. 

I wish I had that kind of positivity, but generally, I don't.  I guess I'll have to take some from his...he lives in a dream world of sorts and I have to say, it's better living there than where I live alot of the time.  He is a lucky guy!

That's enough for today...
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

This is a beautiful post but what I really wanted to say was:
Wouldn't it be awesome if life had more "I said yes but meant no" forms? And also, "I said NO but meant YES!"
Love you, baby.

Elizabeth said...

I think you're wonderful, no matter what you think! I loved reading this post -- every word. I always find good advice here regarding boys and teenagers, and that story of the felony mistake was laugh out loud funny as you morphed into the burping and pooping part.

I'm with you on the weight/exercise thing. I believe we're the same age (48?) and it's so dang hard.