Thursday, February 9, 2012


Transitions...moving from one place to another.  Leaving one life and moving to another or to something else or to nothing.  That is the struggle. 

To be on the other side, in the shoes of the people I help...quite a bit more difficult than I anticipated.   To know what is happening is helpful...or is it? 

I am humbled and ashamed at the same time.  To give answers and confidence to people when I, in the same shoes, have none.  Who am I foolin'?

A tender day...family here...wishing that this was not happening and living with irreparable regret.  Just weighing on my mind and soul this morning.

When there is quiet, I am satisfied...until there is a knock on the door or a dog barking or a voice that echoes...then we start again.

Reminds me of when a newborn comes home...we treasure the silence, and while we treasure the process of life, we yearn for a break, for peace, for rest...

Time passes and we will get through the transition and find our way to a new peace. 

We'll tawk tomorrow,
I love you all,

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