Thursday, April 28, 2011

The big doins' around here...

First of all I want to thank the folks that told me how much they love my writing...I don't even know what to say.  I am humbled!

So, I have been working at the hospice for about a month now and I have to say...I love it.  I love knocking on the door and hearing, "Oh, Terry is here" and then sitting on the couch or at the table and just talking.  "Do you want coffee?" I always respond, "Do you have some made?"  If they do, I always have a cup of coffee.  I love that.  While I have coffee, I hear what is going on with Mom or Dad or the patient and I get to love them up while I talk.  It seems to fill a part of me that I need to keep at a certain level.  Just good stuff.  But...I digress and I am not going to get into the death thing again.

The Queen is coming home for a few weeks before going to her summer job.  I am so excited.  I am sure she has changed, grown up after a year at college. I know it will be different but she is such an amazing person...all the things I wish I was.  She is taking off for the summer to be a camp counselor in the mountains of Colorado.  She is an avid outdoorswoman and a big time hiker...it should be a great adventure. 

Spring is starting to appear...ever so slightly.  In the mountains of Colorado, we don't plant anything outside until after memorial day.  The weather today was awesome...felt like late spring but I have been fooled for many years, so we grow stuff inside until the end of May.

My dudes are being dudes and playing baseball.  Things have changed in the house without the Queen... I am the only female and my estrogen levels are waning while the testosterone is spiking.  Last night, my youngest let the dogs in for me and gave them a bone...a milk bone.  The dogs ate them at the speed of light and then one barfed.  We were all sitting at the counter in the kitchen and I started to yell at them to clean it up...clean it up while starting to gag.  The boys...two plus the big one(dad)...didn't move and watched as the other dogs licked it up.  Then, they engaged in a ten minute conversation pretending to be the dogs talking about the puke.  "Hey, thanks for the puke...I was hungry" and comments like that.  Girls just don't do that!

Today was career day and my youngest son went to work with his father.  After work, he started telling me what his father does for a living.  "Wow" I said, "I didn't know that!"  Interesting because either I just haven't been interested in what my husband does or he hasn't told me.  Either way...it's kind of interesting to hear what he really does do...but sad that I really don't know.

So, here in Conifer, I am waiting for spring.  It has been beautiful today and is supposed to be nice tommorrow and then more snow for the weekend.  Beautiful...   Maybe I will get my grass seed out and spread it.  After we spread the seed, Jim will get the tractor and get me a load of manure from the neighbors horses and I will get the boys to help spread it.   Maybe, we will let the dogs off of their leashes and they will start to eat the manure.  I will be the only one yelling at them to stop while the boys laugh until they cry and then pretend they are the dogs talking about how good it tastes.  At some point, I will start to laugh too because it is kind of funny. 

Hopefully, the work outside  gets us some green stuff in the front of our house that can pass as grass...not sod...but grass.  After that, I will dream.  Dream of planting a lilac in the front yard so I can smell the lovely fragrance.  Doesn't hurt to dream...does it?

So that is the doins' around here.  Working, baseball, testosterone, waning estrogen and nasty dogs...all part of the family.  Tommorrow is Friday...I love Fridays and I am already thinking about the post for "No Filter Friday II" as I have alot of things on my mind I need to just figure out.

So there...and as Ms. Moon and I used to say in college...La di da!
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

Terry- I wonder what our lives would have been like if we had all done as I kept suggesting we do when we were in nursing school and opened up a whore house in New Orleans.
There would be plenty of estrogen, even as ours waned. That we can be sure of.
Okay. I think I just started out No Filter Friday II for ya.

Elizabeth said...

It's good to know that the conversations my two boys have will carry on into teenagerdom. :)