Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday and it feels like home...

I am lying here on the bed in my office...listening to Garth Brooks talk about his friends in low places with the toes of my left foot buried in the chest fur of my dog.  She is warm and twitchy and I can feel her rythmic breathing beneath my toes.  It's snowing outside and it has been a grayish white all day.  I cooked and served today.  I served at the Easter breakfast at church and then came home and made an amazing dinner.  It was turkey, velvety smooth mashed potatoes, dressing with sausage and veggies, vegetables and rolls.  I opened jars of gravy but also made my own from the the drippings of the turkey.  The food was amazing and so was the company. 

The Queen invited two friends from school...smart girls...one from Maine and one from Washington DC.   My son also
invited his girl so the gang was all here.  My ducklings and their special friends.  After  dinner,  my husband and I did the dishes and marveled about how lucky we are.

Easter Sunday, Sunday funday and the sabbath all wrapped up in one day.   Nothing terribly exciting but not too shabby either.  Jim is taking the girls back to college right now and my youngest is at my computer doing his homework.  I am humbled by the simplicity of the day and its truth, comfort and warmth.  To me, home sometimes feels like a job, more things to get done and more people to take care of  but today...home feels like home and that is a great feeling.

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

Yeah. Me too, baby girl. I dreamed of you last night.
Right now I am smelling of cumin and thyme because I took two small pieces of ham from Lily's brunch and made an entire pot of soup.
A different, warmer heaven, but heaven nonetheless.

Akannie said...

Hi Terry...

It really is all those little things, isn't it?

I really try to be careful and mindful about not slipping back into that place of unawareness too...

Glad I "found" your blog...courtesy of Miz Moon...