Friday, July 1, 2011

Music and Memories...

This morning, I got up determined to get a few things done.  I wanted to get some laundry done, clean up the kitchen and vacuum the living room and whatever else I had time for.  I also needed to finish my work from last night.  After a few cups of coffee, I sat at my computer and got going.  Finally, I finished my work and looked around. I began to think of anything else I needed to do beside the cleaning that must be done.

Just as I talked myself out of cleaning, a Springsteen song came on the radio station that I was listening to.  Whenever I hear Springsteen, it takes me back to a different time.  A time when I wasn't a wife, mother, and was only dreaming of being a nurse.  It was one of the best times of my life and if an musical artist defined the times...it was Bruce.  My friend, Ms.Moon and I would get in her little VW rabbit with the windows open, cigarettes lit, listening to Bruce at full volume singing...because it was Friday and we finished clinicals.  I still refer to those times as "the waves of happiness" that washed over me during those days.

The song finished...Tunnel of love...and another came on.  Another Springsteeen song, Glory days...as my son's got their baseball uniforms on to go play at the high school.  You gotta be kiddin' me..I thought.  I started clapping and singing to the song..."I had a friend, was big baseball player, back in high school" as my sons left the house.  It was a special hour dedicated to the music of Springsteen and of course, the big man, Clarence.  I turned the music up and got to work.  Before the hour was over, the floors were vacuumed, the kitchen cleaned, a load of wash in and out into the dryer.  I did have to stop and sing when "Thunder Road" came on out of pure respect.

It's funny how things go full circle.  I can remember in New York hearing Bobby Vinton's "Roses are Red" and knowing my mother was on a cleaning binge.  He must have been her Bruce Springsteen.

I also want to honor the big man, Clarence.  He passed away last week and I cannot believe it.  The last concert that I saw, Clarence had a second hip surgery and looked great.  I should have married him.  But...the amazing saxophone that he played makes me miss him even more.

I am all over the place today but at least the floors are done and the wash is drying.  I also got to take a beautiful trip down memory lane.  Nothing better.

So for today...this musical ending is stolen from Ms. Moon and dedicated to all the folks that I love, have loved and will miss.  But remember, I'll wait for you and should I fall behind, wait for me!

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Ms. Moon said...

Oh Terry. You have made me cry. Waves of happiness, breaking in my heart, overflowing into my eyes.