Sunday, July 3, 2011

We have seen the Queen...

As I have talked about in prior blogs, I am the mother of the queen.  She earned that title when she was a few months old and my husband and I would put her in the "seats" we had in various places around the house where we were.  When we ate dinner, the queen sat on the kitchen table so we could admire her while we ate.  When I loaded the dishwasher, you guessed it, the queen was on top of it in her bouncy seat pulling things off the shelves.  I didn't miss a band concert, soccer game or date that she was dressed up.  She was a daily part of my life.  Well, as kids do, she grew up.  She moved away and went to college.  But..her college was only about an hour and 10 minutes away...and just about every 10 days or so, I was in the area and available for coffee if she had time.  Thankfully, she humored me and had time.

Until this summer.  She moved out of the dorm, went on two quick trips and went to work at a camp in the mountains.  No internet that was easy, no 3G phone and no service to speak of on her cell phone.  That was May 30th and since that day, she and I have talked a total of 4 times...and to be honest, the 4 times were spent saying..."Chris...you there...Chriiiiiis...Mom...Mom, you there ?" and then we would hang up.  I have not laid my eyes on my first born for 32 days.  That's a long time for me...

Yesterday, we decided that since she had about 20 hours off and we would go to the camp 3 hours away to visit her.  She wanted to see us too...she missed her Dad and brothers.  When we got there, she ran out of the building and gave me a big hug..."It's been 32 days since I've seen you Mom!"  And I thought I was the only one counting... 

We found our campsite, got settled and ran a few errands.  We ended up in Canyon City doing laundry and having dinner. 

The Queen and her father

She told us stories of her campers, of her week "on trail", how cold it was at night without a tent and how beautiful the stars were.  She told us about going on Day camps and staying at church members homes, about 3rd graders that burp and fart and about the "I love you" letter from the one that held her hand the whole week.  Once she opened her mouth, I don't think she stopped until Jim and I  got into our tent to go to sleep.  I could still hear her talking and singing with her brothers and best buddy late into the night under the stars while I was dozing off.

The Queen telling a funny story

The Queen and her brothers

The next morning, it was over...time to take her back to camp and back to work.  The time went fast and it was so good.  I always knew this kid was special...I mean, she is mine but...She just is. 

When I asked her what she is learning about herself this summer, she came up with three things:  "I can work with anyone and be okay, I can keep going even if I think I can't and I love to sleep under the stars..."

I don't know if I have learned those lessons yet...

Me and my Queen

That's whats going on here...
We'll tawk later,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

That's all so heart-warming and sweet -- your relationship with your daughter and hers with her brothers and father --

Thanks for sharing a bit of the queen's life with us --

Ms. Moon said...

You beautiful women!