Thursday, December 1, 2011

15 years and counting...

Today is my youngest child's birthday.  He is 15 and it seems like yesterday I was as big as Jabba the Hut waiting for this kid to be born.  He came on the Sunday after Thanksgiving in 1996.  As I have stated before, he was an afterthought...the completion of our family even though I thought it was complete.  That Sunday morning, I sent Jim and the kids to church but had a few contractions so I thought I would stay home and see if anything had come of it.  Well, it did and by the time they all got home from church and got me to St. Joe's...it was way to late for anything but getting him born.  And he was and it was quick and he was big...9 lbs 12 oz of boy.

I brought him home the day after and we started the Christmas festivities while I was battling post partum blues and he was battling the neon yellow color.  A few neon poops later, he was all good.

So here we are 15 years later.  In my house, the birthday boy gets to decide what they want for their birthday dinner.  Howie decided he wanted chicken cutlet parmesan and pasta, with a yellow cake and chocolate frosting.  I ran to the store after work to get it all ready when he came home from school.  We happened to have a big snow storm so it is customary for my two boys to go out in the driveway and play football.  Today, they went out around 3:15 and I didn't see them again until 6pm.  I forgot to mention that is was around 18 degrees.

As is the usual with the boys, they start to play and then get a little rough with each other.  I heard them come in because the door slammed followed by what I think was something between wrestling and killing each other in the mud room.  I ran to the door and started yelling at the top of my lungs for them to stop..."STOP...GO TO YOUR ROOMS!" and they both looked at me like I was crazy.  "Mom, we always do this, we can work it out."  I walked away and they were at it again.  Of course, since I am such a fabulous mother, I shouted, "WE ARE NOT GOING TO DO YOUR BIRTHDAY DINNER...MAKE IT YOURSELF" and I walked into the livingroom and sat on the couch.  I made Howie feel bad and in turn, I felt bad, so I took it back.  Like I said, I am the mother of the year.

I called them up and made them apologize like they were 3 again and since they know how to get on my good side, they did.  I could see them snickering like they were getting something over on me but to be honest, they did seem like they were going stop the fighting.

We started to make dinner and it was really good.  We pounded out the chicken, breaded it and fried it up.  Then we put it in the oven with sauce and cheese.  Those boys are good cooks!

They were telling me how to bread the chicken

We had a great dinner and then Howie and I played banagrams while Mac did some home work and Jim was on a conference call.  We played two games and he won and I won. 

It was time for cake.  Every year, I take a picture with the cake and the candles so I can remember.  This guy is getting more handsome every year!

So to you Howie...I say, "Happy birthday and may all of your wildest dreams come true!" 

I love you buddy,

We'll tawk soon,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful boy! I love it when you describe their daily "stuff" -- they sound a lot like my two, except older, and you sound a lot like me, except younger!

Ms. Moon said...

Happy birthday and happy birth day and many, many more to you and that handsome boy of yours.
You are the BEST mama!