Monday, December 12, 2011


I have been reading about gratitude and how to live daily naming the things I am grateful for...Hence, where there is gratitude, fear goes away.  I think it is working to a degree.  Jim flew to India and I was so busy counting my blessings that I didn't think a thing about him until he called a day later.  How's that for being thankful?

I am also juicing.  I watched that movie "Fat, sick and nearly dead" and decided I wanted to juice.  I went to the store and almost bought the Jack LaLane juicer at costo and then stopped.  If this isn't one of the most unthought-out things I have done...I don't know what is.  Instead, I bought a couple of cases of Naked juice and started drinking them.  Actually, they are pretty good.  I drank about 7 of them on Sunday and another 7 today.  At about 200 calories a piece, I could have eaten a good dinner and a glass of wine.

No coffee either.  I made it through Sunday and Monday without any caffiene.  I am surprised I made it.  I live on coffee and diet pepsi along with pink wine.  Really that should be my juicing schedule and screw the Naked juice.  Coffee all morning, diet pepsi all afternoon and then pop the cork on the Zinfandel around 5 until bed!  Yeah, baby that sounds like a great idea.

The cat and the rabbit went nose to nose today.  The rabbit won.  The boys say it's because the cat has no balls.  That is very true that he has no balls and I guess the rabbit does.  We should have gotten him fixed.  Anyway, it was cute to watch them figuring out who or what each other was...and watch the cat run away.  Who is afraid of a rabbit?  He is just about the lowest on the food chain around here.

See, I am pretty thankful.  Thankful for not worrying about my husband out of town, thankful for juicing and not juicing.  Thankful for feeling good enough to clean the rabbit cage, and let him hop around the house.  Of course, I am thankful for the usual things...the house, the food and the warmth...oh and the family.

I let you know how the juicing goes and what plan I will be doing by the weekend...I can almost guarantee that I will be doing the coffee, diet pepsi and wine juice fast but hey...by that time, at least I tried.

I am also thankful for all of you...the folks that take time out of your day to read the stuff I wrote...really thankful.

So there you have it and there it is...
We'll tawk soon,
I love you all,


Elizabeth said...

I just know we'd be friends and perhaps juice together. And perhaps not. :)

IXerLover said...

Girl...I love your big giant heart! THank you for all the posts and unknown affirmations that getting older is not just me going crazie!

xo kmr

Cynthia said...

WHAT??!! Diet Pepsi doesn't count as juice??!! Well...the pink wine surely does! Truly though, I am pulling for you. I am on day 35 of myfitnesspal.com and it really is getting easier to default to healthier choices and I am almost seeing results...any day now...Thanks for your words, you always make me smile!