Saturday, December 10, 2011

171 Posts later...

I started this blog a year ago to the day.  I decided I needed to be more authentic...more real.  When I started this, I was working as a consultant, was 30 pounds thinner and had just sent my first child to college.  I was reeling from the change of purpose and thought that I would try to understand and remember what it felt like.  I went through a depression, a job change and figured out what I needed to do to survive. 

This year, I got the chance to feed the marching band, watch my daughter march for a college band, and go to Nicaragua and Hawaii in the same summer.  In the same year, my daughter has learned to live on her "own" and I've had the pleasure of watching my son fall in love.  I get to sit in the passenger seat of the car while my youngest child  drives me home. 

It's been a  year.  My husband has been to India twice, Frankfurt three times, and to places in the US for a meeting during the day and then home.  My car has over 200, 000 miles on it and has hit a mountain lion coming home from snowboarding.  I have attempted multiple diets, been on and off the wagon and spent quite a bit of time at the gym.

I had a pap smear that was normal and a mammogram that wasn't...at first.  I hurt my upper back, my lower back and now I have achilles tendonitis.  I have a lovely chiropractor that helps me with all these things...Thank God.

My life has changed drastically in the last year...not all good but really not bad either.  The big do last night was the boys sledding in the dark under the full moon.  You can tell our jeep by the big truck tubes tied to the roof of the car at the high school.  When my son called to tell us he and his brother were headed to the hill, I told him "If the cops come, keep  your mouth shut, pack up and come home...Oh and don't forget your brother."  My son started to laugh and asked if I had ever thought I would ask him..."If you're running from the cops, don't forget your brother"...I laughed and told him I was serious. 

While the boys did their night sledding, Jim and I played very competitive banagrams and had cocktails.  I asked him what he would change about the year and what he would he would change about raising the kids.  Of course, in true Jim fashion, he replied "nothing" and he meant it. 

I now have a job as a hospice nurse.  I have patients that I meet, fall in love with and they die.  I help them die with dignity, love and in their own homes.  It is an honor and privelege and I don't even look at it like a job anymore...it's my calling.

171 bogs later...I have regrets and and wish I had some do overs...but I am pretty thankful for what I have.  I think of things to write about and then forget by the time I sit at my computer after a long day.  I am sure that the dementia is starting to set in.  Oh well, such is life.

I live in a beautiful place, have a great husband...decent kids and have made it through another year.  It's amazing how time flies. 

A place where we can walk down the hill with a saw and pick a tree to cut down for christmas...

A Good year...a thankful year and time that I can't get back.  I am so glad I wrote about things that I will want to remember.

My son just walked by and asked me what I was drinking..."what's in that mom...caffiene?  You haven't been up this late in years!"

Good night.
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


Ms. Moon said...

I am so glad you started this blog. It lets me see you in your life now. Do you know how often I dream of you? So very, very often, Terry.
I must miss you more than I know.

Mary said...

It has been quite a year. Thanks for keeping us in your loop!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad to have met you this year. Happy Blogaversary.