Friday, December 10, 2010

Should I blog or not?

Hello all...that is the cheery way I start alot of emails...thought it would be a good way to start a blog.  As if a group as big as "all" will be reading this.  Anyway...it is Friday night and I finally got the courage and time to start my own blog.  Wow, kudos to me.  What exactly are kudos anyway?  Ok, see I am rambling and not going anywhere.  Maybe that is what this space is going to be for me.  Maybe but maybe not.  I will start with who I am or better yet, who I think I am.  I am 46, a little overweight...OK more than a little, with a husband and 3 teenagers.   One is at college and I call her the queen.  I had a terrible time letting her go but now I am getting into it.  The two left at home are teenage boys.  I must say though, that I am very lucky.  My husband has a good job and is a wonderful man.  He is probably the smartest person I know although he still drives me crazy.  I am sure that he is totally okay with my little habits and that they don't bother him at all.  That is just who he is...and if I do bug him...he would never be so rude as to say so.  He is a real catch and I wonder most days how he puts up with me...like I said, I am very lucky.

My husband and I met 23 years ago at a bar...I told my kids it was a "club"...you know what I mean when you are trying to make them perfect.  Anyway, we met and married after 9 months.  I was a traveling nurse from New York by way of Florida and he was a framer (construction guy) from western Colorado.  Yep, you guessed it...we are polar opposites.  They say opposites attract, right?  He is calm with a fuse that blows about once a year and I am constantly anxious and worried.  Makes for a great marriage...don't you think?  Actually it has made for a great marriage, not without the bumps but really a stable, kind of union that will last.  Like I said, I am really lucky.

I really was planning on telling you why I called the blog "Where ya from?"  Initially, I was going to call it some fabulous name about changing my "paradigm" and living fully but those were already used.  So I got to thinking about what people say to me and it is always...where ya from?...usually after I ask for a cup of "cawfee" or tell the kids to go get the "dawg".  You see, I am from New York and raised in Florida by a NYPD guy (God rest his soul) so I still have the accent.  Well, when you live in a tiny town in the mountains outside of Denver...I am not the norm.  I have lived here for 21 years but still people say..."Where ya from?" and I look at my family and then answer..."Oh I am from New York but I have lived in Colorado for over 20 years", to which they reply " you still have a little accent"...and I always say "yeah, I know"...and they say "I think it is cool".  My husband always laughs and I smile knowingly because really if you think about it...being cool at 46...is really cool!

As my love, Ms Moon says....la di da!
It's been good tawkin' to ya...we'll tawk soon!


idriveskj said...

You go girl!
Looking forward to keeping up with Conifer via your blog!
Carolyn Stettler's blog is called Refeathering the Nest! Ya'all are so creative!!

Ms. Moon said...

You figured out comments! Yay! I love you, honey. Always will.