Sunday, December 19, 2010

Taking chances

Today is a special day for the family.  We are having guests.  These guests come from far away...well atleast one of them, and it is a special honor.  You see, I get to have the honor of a princess and her boyfriend...at my house for dinner.

I went to college in Florida...at FSU and graduated in 1985.  In my nursing classes, I met many women and a few men.  I was 18 and trying to figure out who I was and what I wanted to do when I grew up.  In some ways, I was like my Queen.  To be honest, I can't remember how we ended up as friends because it seemed like it was meant to be...our hearts always were friends.  She was 28 with two young children trying to go to school and be a good mother.   And she was...she managed to be a good nursing student, attend any and all functions that the little girls had and keep a group of 4 college girls taken care of in her house.  The neediest of the 4 was me.  I was the youngest and loved to be at her house and with her.  I remember when I walked into her house and saw all the pictures from preschool on the wall.  That house felt like home.  We spent many an hour together...at her house, at school and out on the town.  She taught me about mothering, loving and being open to all kinds of different people.  Oh, and we would dance any time we could.

She married a wonderful man and had two more little ones...and I went off to Colorado.  We kept in touch here and there...when life intersected with feelings, questions, and rare visits.  Whenever we talked or saw each other, it was as if time stood still.  We have both changed, aged, lived more but I when hear her voice and see her and my heart leaps for she is my "heart" friend.

I read her blog and heard that her youngest one...21...would be in Boulder for a few days.  Wow, could I get a moment with her to see my friend through her and get to know her?  Yes, it happened last Thursday.  We, the Queen and I, drove up to Boulder.  I think we were all a little nervous about the meeting...what would we do or say or worse yet...what if we don't like each other?  It has been atleast 5 years since we have visited and she is a beautiful young nursing student who is a musician.  We knocked on the door and she stepped out on the landing...I felt the immediate connection and hugged her.  She is her mother's daughter...the joy I felt to see her and hold her was evident.  I introduced her to my Queen...and they were both gracious letting me feel the joy of the connection...her daughter and my daughter.  Two beautiful ladies...girls, really...together for my eyes to see.   We made our plan, went to lunch and visited about the old days, about how much her mother meant to me then and does now,  and I got to look at her and see my friend.  The connection, for me, was more than I could have asked for.

I decided I wanted to see her again. She and her man can come and sit in my livingroom looking out to Pike's Peak.  They can talk with my husband, visit with my boys and the Queen.  If we are lucky, she will pick up the guitar and play us a tune...and I will watch her the whole time so I can feel close to her mother...and I will.

Looking forward to the evening,
Tawk to you later,


Ms. Moon said...

You have made me cry. I have always said and it is as true now as it was then- there is a place in my heart which belongs to no one but you.
I love you FIERCELY!
And always will.
Thank-you for having my daughter and her man for supper. I hope it is a wonderful evening. I just wish I could be there.
I love you...Mary

downtown guy said...

Miss T Joy! Mama put the link to your blog in her blog, so here I am to read your words. I hope everyone had a good time. Isn't Jessie just like a tall version of mom?

- Hank

michelle said...

Came by way of Ms. Moon

I'm so envious of anyone who knows her in real life.

Nice to meet you.

Bethany said...

What Michelle said!
Loved your writing and remembering of your time with Mary. How perfectly sweet and wonderful. Love your connecting with Jessie and her boyfriend.
So fun, this big circle. Thanks for including us.