Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas day and wishes...

Good morning and hope everyone had a a good Christmas.  We did.  It was different than the our usual... although our "usual" is changing.  On Christmas eve, we took the picture and it turned out exactly how I thought it would...the light wasn't right, and the focus was off...but that generally sums up how things go around here.  Always just a little off.   Actually, I look better in lower light and the gang looks good too!

We went to church and it was good.  The message was hope and peace for a weary world...and who isn't looking for that?  I know I am. 

We opened our one present and it was late.  The kids stayed up and played banagrams and my husband and I went to bed.  It was after midnight!  When I got up, here's what I found...and I though they were too old to believe in Santa!

So there...I had a good laugh and then realized that maybe we have been drinking a little too much lately or... did they hope Santa would get a little oiled up and leave really good presents?   Hopefully it is the latter!

I then went to gathering the gifts from Santa that were hidden around the house.  I went down the the Queen's room and got the gift from under the bed for the oldest son.  I went upstairs to get the gifts that were left in my bedroom for the youngest son.  I then made the note from Santa for the Queen.   

I knew the guitar would be a hit and I got it when Ms. Moon's lovely girl and I got to hang out.  She recommended this one and it is perfect.  Just perfect.  I heard songs strummed..."Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "Swing Life Away" and feel like this was a great choice for a gift.  Behind the guitar is a new baseball glove, an Easton -3 (that's minus 3 for all of us folks not baseball savy) bat, and a bag to carry all of it.  That is the passion of youngest son. 

The Queen was a little hard to buy for...she really didn't want much and as she said, "I don't have any room to put stuff."  So, I tried desperately to not just get "stuff".  So she ended up with money to spend on college needs,  a blanket I made for her (sorta) and a filter for water.

After we hung out for awhile, we did another tradition, thanks to my husband....we went into the woods and cross country skied.  We have been doing that in one form or another since he was carrying the Queen in a back pack.  We packed up a "snack" lunch and headed out.  We went to a beautiful area and spent a few hours.

When we got home I made dinner, had a welcome visitor and played Cranium.  Team Mom and Dad won!  It was a good day and night. 

I have one more picture to post and it is my hope for all...as the holiday season winds down and the world continues to wind up...

I wish you all peace...deep peace and love, for eyes to be open to the life that is happening around you, to the kindness of strangers and kindness of family that often goes unseen because of past hurts, for living a life without fear and treasuring moments and not things....that is my wish for myself and for all people far and wide.  But mostly for peace!

I love you all,
Tawk later,

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Ms. Moon said...

Beautiful, Terry. You done good, Mama. You done real good.