Monday, March 14, 2011

It's Monday...all day...

There is beauty in the way you handle less than optimal situations...
gracefully. You are a beautiful example of authenticity. And that is beyond beautiful.

This is a comment from the Queen about my "ugly" post.  You know, she is right.  Everyone gets the short end of the stick...gets screwed in life.  Sometimes it is big things and sometimes it is little things.  It is how it goes.  What really counts is how the situation is handled.  Do I act like a big girl and get past things or do I continue to marinate in the negative?  While I love things marinated...I don't do well with negative marinade...it dries out my skin and gives me wrinkles.  So it's time to move on...put on the big girl panties and try to keep them dry!

How about Japan...talk about being screwed...you are sitting in your house or car or even walking on the road and here comes a huge wall of water after you bounced around in the earthquake.  What did they do to have to endure that badness?  Mother nature...what's up and who's next? 

Since I have the big girl panties on...I decided to clean my refrig and pantry.  I found a ton of duplicate food and stuff that is totally out of date.  Who  needs 5 salsas and 4 grape jelly's?  Apparently those salsa and jelly sandwiches are all the rage for teenage boys.

It really helped talking to my girl dog, Bailey.  She is very wise and since everyone else in this house has tons of testosterone coursing through their bodies...albiet, some more than others, I needed a ladies opinion on my mood.  She gave me a big smooch and let me know it was time to get over it.

I guess I am over it...done.  Let the chips fall where they may.  My boy is fine.  He can move on...matter of fact, has had to do that for most of his life.
He is a forgiving soul...can let things go...can be really mad and then say, "We need to make this right, Mom" and we do.  As usual, I am learning from my kids what you can change and what you can't and when to move on without hard feelings.  I have learned so much from them and I am glad to do so.  It enriches my life more that I ever imagined.

"What's today?"  I would ask my mother..."Monday, all day" she would reply. I would always wonder what that meant.  Was there a day during the week that wasn't all day?  I still don't know but Happy Monday...all day!

We'll tawk later,
I love you all,

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