Sunday, March 20, 2011


A year ago today, I watched my friend marry her soul mate.  It was a lovely wedding and rockin' fun reception.  He was killed in Afghanistan last September.  I thought about the wedding and reception last night with sadness of what would and could have been.

A group of kids that know and love her went to her soldier's grave today.  They brought momentos and flowers to honor the date.  They witnessed the relationship and sadness of his death.  They still honor him for his service to us and his love for their friend.  They are still so tender about losing him.

My Pastor cried this morning as we recited the prayers.  He was her nephew.  She is a strong lady, kind lady and wounded woman.  Some days it must feel like just a bad movie and others, far away...but today it was raw and deep and she misses him so...even after a passage of time.

What is my point in the ramblings?  I am sad for my friend, for having to endure a broken heart at such a young age and for my pastor and her family. 
Life is so hard.  It is messy and dirty and unbelievably sad at times. 

It just is....
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,

PS...The Queen and I are going on a great adventure tommorrow.  Please send your prayers and positive thoughts to the universe and our way.  Thanks!!


Elizabeth said...

Here come some prayers and positive thoughts from the west coast to you -

Cindy said...

Prayers for my niece, the Queen. All good thoughts for tomorrow and hang tough, Christie ... the first couple of days may be a challenge, but it'll all be okay. Good thoughts and prayers coming your way!!!
Love you all,
Aunt Cindy

Ms. Moon said...

You'll coddle that girl up and make her feel like...The Queen. She has her own personal Mommy-Nurse which is the best, best, BEST!