Thursday, March 24, 2011

Love, Goodbyes, Baseball and Time...

I am learning that when I love openly and take risks...there is a downside to that...letting go...saying goodbye.  Whether I am saying goodbye for the night or for a month or two or forever.  As strong as I tell myself I am and that I am  not going to cry because it is a good thing...it hurts and I  wish everything was the way it was and that there was more time.   So to my friend who is on an incredible journey...we will be here when you get back...good bye and traveling mercies!

On another note, Colorado is on fire.  It has been a dry winter on the eastern slope.  There are wildfires burning in a few places with the wind whipping them up.  We need some rain or snow.  It kills me to look for moisture but at this point, the summer is going to be one big fire.  

The week that we moved into our house and we watched the Hayman fire crest over the hills in our view.  We decided not to move in because we were the next to be evacuated.  Our area was going to be the next to go.  When we have been ordered to evacuate before, we ran around grabbing pictures off the walls and packing up the animals.  Deciding in our home what we were willing to lose.   Not a fun time.  My neighbors and myself...we understand what the risk is to live in the mountains. We accept that risk...but when it hits you in the face...man oh man.  

The Queen is still home on spring break and the adventure that we took is a memory.  A good memory.  She is a joy to have around and I will miss her again when she leaves for college.

My oldest son is neck deep into being a 16 year old JV baseball player for the high school.  He has been practicing from after school to dark, walking in the door and falling asleep on the couch with his baseball uniform on.  After a nap, when the rest of us are getting ready for bed, he gets up and grabs his guitar and begins to play.  Then...on to homework.  Kids these days!!!

My youngest has decided to learn the baritone to ensure his future marching band success...while starting his baseball season three days a week.  It gets a little crazy around here during the spring.

So crazy that my husband and I have not had a conversation that wasn't 
related to baseball or kids for a long time now.  Between working and fathering and between working and mothering...there isn't a whole lot of time for husband and wife-ing.  Some days, I think we are on the home stretch and we have to cherish every moment with these kids...then the other days, I am overwhelmed and think it will never end. 

The week has been a whirl of activity...and I am tired.  The weekend can't come soon enough but that would be wishing time away...and I don't want to do that.  I guess I will just keep on keepin' on...see what happens tommorrow.

Have a great night and Friday!
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,

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