Saturday, January 1, 2011


I am not feelin' it today...I mean, I am not not feeling it either.  You know what I mean?  Probably not...I don't even know what I mean. 

Anyway, yesterday we celebrated our anniversary in grand style.  We sat in the kitchen around 5 pm and I said to my husband, "so what do you wanna do?" to which he replied, "I don't know, do you have anything in mind?"  Anything in mind...yeah, how about we go to an all inclusive island and sit on beach chairs in bathing suits that look good on us and drink those sweet cocktails that come with umbrellas and we won't even get off our chair to pee...we can just sit in the surf on our chairs with our butts just in the water enough to let it wash away..."No, not really".  "Do you wanna go out?"  he says to me.  Let's face it, I am a social being and love to go out.  I would love to go to listen to music and drink beer and dance a little...yep, that's what I want to do, so I say, "Nah...do you?"  I know the answer to that question after 22 years.  He really doesn't want to go out...he is not a social being and loves to be in his house, in his overalls, thinking about cleaning his garage and how he is going to get organized and what he needs in the way of new tools...that is when he is happiest.  Needless to say, we were not going to an island or even to a bar to listen to music tonight.  Ok then, I will take care of that!

I decided to go to my favorite liquor store and get some chocolate drink to sip on, King Soopers for stuff to make nachos and some christmas candy that was half price.  The boys were home and wanted to party.  Partying for them is putting lights out in the driveway and having a football game on the snow where they kill each other. 

They asked me as I was backing out over their field to go to the liquor store if I could get them some of that celebratory IBC Rootbeer for their party.  "Sure...anything else?"    Nothing else was requested.

It was cold and icy out and to be honest, was thinking, I am losing it.  I walked into the liquor store and got my cheap version of Bailey's that is just as good after the first few sips as the real stuff for half the price and a bottle of wine just in case anyone drops over.  No one ever "drops over" at my house as we live out in the middle of nowhere.  The guy at the liquor store asked me, "so what does your night look like?"  and I was kind of at a loss for words..."I am going home and hanging out...I'm old" to which he looked across the counter for a long time and said, "You don't look old".  I was stunned, flattered and then uncomfortable.  "Well, I mean I'm not really old but I am a little old and I feel old" I said...What is wrong with me?  Just shut up I thought, take your booze and get out of here.  So I did.

I came home, made lovely nachos, drank a couple of chocholate booze drinks and Jim and I chatted.  He asked me about what our favorite vacations have been over the years and what has been the hardest times.  We came to the conclusion we have had some tough times, some great vacations and said things to each other we weren't too proud of.  The we poured another drink, let the dogs in because it was so cold, visited with the boys and waited for the next wave of college kids to come over for the night.

The wave of college kids showed up around 11 and to be honest, I wanted to go to bed.  I am old, and I am tired and the combination of sugary chocolate and what ever booze is in that fake Baileys puts me to sleep.  I could have gone to bed at 9 but held out.  So at 11:20, I went up to my bed, brushed my teeth and crawled in.  I put on New Year's Rockin' Eve with Dick Clark.  I don't even know what to say about poor Dick.  He is hanging in there but I couldn't understand a thing he said.   My husband came in shortly after and did the same, teeth, pj's and crawled in.  "Is that Dick Clark" he said, to which I replied, "Shut that off, I can't understand him and it makes me feel bad".  So he did.  My husband kissed me good night and I rolled over and called it a night.  I could hear the college kids in the kitchen doing what ever they do and I fell asleep.

So there you have it...an exciting anniversary and ringing in of the new year.  Not too exciting but not bad either.  2010 has been okay...but there have been a few things I would rather not live through again.  So I guess I will slowly move into 2011 and try not to be too crazy.

 Here's some advice I am going to take and you can too, if you want. 

Drink alot of water, Pee alot (it keeps the bad stuff on the outside), Don't over-react to stuff, and the best one...If it feels like the end of the world, and at the time I am sure it does, really isn't.  You will know when it is really the end of the world because it will be. 

For me, that's the resolutions I am keeping in mind.

Love you all and happy 2011...whatever that looks like for you.
We'll tawk later,


Ms. Moon said...

I LOVE THIS! Especially your advice. All good advice. Excellent, in fact.
So- your New Years was better than mine. But I'm having a great day today so it's okay.
Love you, baby.

Ms. Moon said...

Hey- I just stole your advice and posted it. I gave you credit.

Elizabeth said...

I'm here from Ms. Moon's and I'm groaning audibly because I believe that I'm already hooked to your blog and I've got so many that I'm already hooked on. Sigh.

Happy New Year's, new friend.

A. said...

Hello, newbie here.
your new years rivals mine
i drank, watched "Harvey" and went to bed.

excellent advice...i forget the water most of the time, and the not the end of the world thing... hmmm.

Terry Joy said...

Wow...as my teenagers would say...comments are the "bomb"

To Ms Moon...hey the dog left presents in my house today too...remember what we said in college..."la-di-da" More love your way than you can handle! Oh and I stalked your blog and the radish king read my blog...I am so freakin' happy!

Elizabeth...thanks. Hopefully it can only get better or more bizarre. But hey, it is what it is. Happy New year new friend...

A...I lived my life like everything was the end of the world and I am "so" done with that. What is "Harvey" by the way...I watched "Juno" with the kids the other night and it was funny...in a serious way. Take care and keep in touch.

Terry Joy said...
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Anonymous said...

I so wish Dick Clark would just retire from New Year's Eve already...it is depressing to watch and listen to him, or the shell of who he used to be.

Terry Joy said...

Gail...Like I said, I don't even know what to say about poor Dick. But, you said it well...I couldn't stand to watch him another minute. No offense but...
Happy New Year's 2011 Gail. Thanks for the read!

Radish King said...

And I'm reading it again! And I'll most likely come back and back. AND BACK!