Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Done and done...

I have a cold...I like to refer to it as the "crud".  The cough, head full, sneezing kind that you feel bad but not bad enough to just go to bed and sleep.  But I tried...I was lying in bed watching the news when the phone rang.  "Hi, honey"...Husband is that you...what time is it in Frankfurt?  "I was hanging out with some new friends at the bar so it is late here"...  Oh, joy, he is in Germany trying his best to contribute to world peace I guess.  "I met a Palistinian, a Russian and a German and we talked for awhile.  I told them I had the best wife in the world and that you are a nurse. "  OK, I heard enough for the night..."Jim, you should go to bed...aren't you going to England tommorrow?"  "Yeah but I don't have to get up too early"...So I spent another few minutes on the phone with my husband before he went to bed.  Needless to say, I am home takin' care of business while he is in Europe takin' care of business.  My business is managing teenagers, refereeing fights, cooking meals, helping with science fair projects, taking out the garbage and recycling (which entails loading it into the back of a pick up truck and taking it down our driveway...which I did too late today) and trying to work a little too...for money...real money...not just thanks!

I sound a little less than happy tonight and I am so this will be a short post.  Maybe I am jealous that he gets to travel and socialize and I have a cold and three teenagers...maybe.  Actually, it is the fact that I don't handle change well.  Never have.  I have had almost a month of change going on to culminate with a husband that now travels alot...and far...and to weird places.  Listen, on the lists of complaints...I know I have nothing to complain about...nothing at all but for some reason I am complaining.  I like things to be in a routine...get up, breakfast, kids out the door, gym, shower, work, home and dinner.  After dinner...talk with husband face to face.  Ok, there I said it...I guess I miss him around.  I wouldn't admit that to him right now, although he wouldn't remember it if I did...but I think that is it.  I am looking on the horizon at a bunch more Wednesday's that I am taking out the garbage and recycling and I guess I am not too happy.

Enough, enough, enough!  If that is what I am complaining about I should just shut up and get a life...so I think I will.  Tommorrow, if I can get out of bed from this cold.

If you've made it this far in the post...thank you...I would have X'd out of it and found another by now.
Love you...cough, cough, sneeze...
We'll tawk later,

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Ms. Moon said...

Well, eventually you will reach the point when he comes home that you wonder why his laundry is in the basket.
Try to enjoy "your" time, even as you do all that must be done.
And get well soon!