Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Plans have Changed...

It's cold in Conifer...friggin' cold.  The kind of cold that you walk outside and your nostrils freeze together, you can't feel your hands and you just keep repeating..."It's cold"..."It is cold".."Wow, it's cold, did they say it was going to be this cold?"  I am telling you...It's friggin' cold today.

I had grand plans to include exercise, taking a certain dog home after dog sitting and working...maybe stopping at Costco to buy a neck pillow.  Yep, and I was pretty excited by these plans.  I have even taken out the crock pot to make a meal (because that is what I do when it is this cold) of pork roast and tons of veggies.  I will be the only one who eats the veggies but la-di-da.

Anyway, I had to bundle up to take the little dog out and I decided to take my camera...it was cold but crystal clear too.  This picture is looking into the city before sunrise...

Then it happened...I heard a strange voice from the basement...and as I saw the the figure making it up the stairs...it was my son.  It sounded like some growling bear with a mouthful of guts..."Moooooom".  "What's up with the voice, Dude?"  I asked.  "My throat is pretty sore"..."Sounds like it" I said. 

Let me just say, there are no free passes on school in my house.  I wish it was easy but I was raised in a house that you had to be so ill that you were passing out, or seeing double or puking in the kitchen to stay home.  Oh, and if we finally convinced my mother we were ill, she would say, "Well, don't think you are going out to play after school if you feel better, and go get dressed anyway, it will make you feel better".

In true, "Doris Joy" style...I heard myself say..."Go take a shower and see how you feel...maybe it will make you feel better".  So he did.  My youngest got to the kitchen and asked, "Where's my brother?" and I said, "I think he is sick" to which my youngest replied, "Did he throw up...because you never let me stay home unless I throw up."  I had to snicker to myself and I said, "Hopefully he is throwing up right now!" so we can make it all even.  Then he said, "If he stays home are you staying home...because you never stay home when I am sick."  Point well taken, I forgot this is a contest and my oldest is my favorite today!

The sick son emerged from the basement and still appeared somewhat ill.  He was a little warm, and of course, I looked at this throat (come on, I'm a nurse with special diagnosing powers) and he was dragging.  I decided to put on the couch, cover him up and let him sleep.  The youngest was not too happy with the decision but then said, "I bet he goes to school today because when he wakes up, you will make him feel so guilty for missing school that he will go."

When I go out today, I am buying that youngest one a muzzle, I thought. 

So here is how it stands...he's asleep on the couch and he looks like he is not going anywhere.  I am fighting the urge to pace in front of him and watch his eyes to see if he is faking it or if he is really asleep...so I think I will do some chores around the house and see what shakes out.  In "Doris Joy" style, I still haven't called the high school because I haven't used the old guilt technique and he still may go to school today...right?

Oh, and I will go out for awhile but will come home and tend to my son.  Work is highly over rated anyway, I think. 

I hope your plans work out better than mine today and as the "happy folks" in the world say..."Make it a great day!"

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,

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Ms. Moon said...

Sometimes they are really sick. I'm glad you let him stay home.
Stay warm, girl. Stay warm.