Monday, January 24, 2011

Snow, back packs at the airport and pink eye

Those three words sum up the day today.  We woke up to snow...late.  My husband left for Boston with the youngest son's backpack in his car and the Queen has pink eye.  When all was said and done...I have been to the airport, searching for the car in the Pike's Peak lot for a backpack, to Boulder for eye drops at the college clinic with an offer to bring the Queen home for the night for some love, and then home to make dinner.   Oh and throw in 4 hours of consulting too. 

We all sat down for dinner and like magic, it got quiet and I heard chewing.  We had a small "throw down" about how many meatballs everyone gets but no blood was shed.  Then, dinner was off the table, and I looked up to see this.  I had to take a picture...

Thank God tommorrow is another day...the back pack will go to school with the youngest, the snow is gone and the sun will be shining.  The Queen will have had 5 doses of antibiotic eye drops...and she will be back at college. 

Enough said.
Done and done.
We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you all,


sandy said...

You're a good Mom, Terry!

Ms. Moon said...

I bet you slept real good.
Some days are like that.

Terry Joy said...

Sandy...yeah right!

Ms.Moon...I didn't sleep so well as the Queen decided she needed to sleep with me...thank God she is back at college!