Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gettin' Lucky

There have been times in my life when I have just had a "gut" feeling.  Being a nurse, I hate to say it, but I used my "guts" alot more than the science I learned in school.  I remember when I lived in Tallahassee and worked at TMH as a new grad many years ago.  I would make "rounds"  (which were when the lone RN would walk into each patient's room at night and check on them) and I would sense how the patient was doing.  Sometimes, I would listen to their breathing...and sometimes something would tell me to go in and really check.  More often then not, when I got that "go in and check" feeling...something needed attention and something was wrong.  I think of it as a gift really. 

Well, long gone are the days of lone RN's and my days of hospital care are done.  But I still get times when I get to be the "nurse" and use those old skills that I had and sometimes amaze me that I still have.

It happened a week or two ago.  I got a call from a friend to see if I could come by and check on her spouse.  He had surgery many weeks ago and was in alot of pain.  I went right away...in fact, I was in my pj's and a sweat shirt...no bra...I might add.  I walked in and looked my friend and my "gut" started talking to me.  The spouse started to explain what was going on and how it was probably nothing and what did I think.  I asked a few questions that made it seem as if it were nothing.  But...my gut kept telling me something wasn't right.  I explained that it could be this or it could be that...but it probably was nothing.  Finally with my "gut" screaming at me, I told them they should just get it checked out.  Go to the ER now and it will probably be nothing but just go...and go now.  They loaded up in the car and went and of course, as they were getting ready, the spouse started feeling better.  "I think my spouse is better" the other spouse said.  "Just go and if it is nothing...well great...come home sleep and you are good"...I said.  They left for the ER.

I went home and got into bed...what kind of a nurse are you...the voice in my head said...you didn't listen to his lungs, no blood pressure...my God, you didn't even bring a stethoscope!  I spent the next half hour telling myself I was a fraud.  Then, as I settled down, I thought...I hope it is nothing but I bet he has a clot or something like that...and went to sleep.

Got an email the next day...blood clots in both lungs...thanks so much for making us go...going to stay in the hospital for a day or two and then be home...thanks again for being so persistent...

That persistance wasn't me...It was my gut!  And I gotta tell you...it may be bigger and rounder, that gut of mine...but when I really listen to it...more often than not...it is right.  It could use a little slimming down though.  That is another thought for another day!

Just a little visit before I go to bed.
Love you all,
We'll tawk later,


Ms. Moon said...

As my friend Billy would say, "I love your guts."
And gut.
You've always been an amazing nurse.

Amy McClure said...

No fraud here! I'm thankful for your gut which truly is a gift that I've seen you share many times. I'll take gut over science any day of the week!