Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thirsty Thursday...

I am sitting in the Starbuck's right off the campus of CU having a coffee while we wait to go out to dinner.  The Queen and I had an appointment in Denver and we decided to all go to dinner together afterward.  So...we sit in Boulder.  I am sitting at a table with all three kids using the Queen's computer.  Her computer is much nicer than mine...well, I guess she is the Queen.

The music is playing soflty...some song that I do not recognize.  I hear lots of voices having small tallk.  A middle eastern looking man talking in a loud voice to a beautiful blonde co-ed that seems to be hanging on his every word.  A asian man and well put together woman  are visiting to my left, maybe doing some kind of interview.  The woman is dressed for it but the man has a baseball cap on so I am not so sure what is going on.   There is the stereo-typical Boulderite to my right standing at the coffee bar...a long gray pony tail, jeans and moccasins using his apple I-pad and when I turn all the way around, there is a lone gentleman in the corner with earphones and a computer concentrating on something...he has a little beard and is kind of cute.  If I was younger....

I don't particularly like Starbucks coffee.  It is too strong for me.  I am a 4 sugar and fill it up with milk coffee drinker.  I am definitely not an expert at all.  We had a hard time deciding where to hunker down and do homework to kill time.  I suggested the CU library but the Queen nixed it.  I suggested the UMC. No..I don't want to go there, the Queen said.  So it is Starbucks.

You can't just go sit in Starbucks...you have to buy something.  So, we buy coffee.  The boys have medium white chocolate mocha's, the Queen has an iced coffee and I just want the cheapest thing on the menu.  It still came to about 15 bucks.  That is not chump change!

Minutia...that's what is on my mind right now as I sit and listen.   The kid to my left is doing spanish, the one across from me is doing calculus and the one to my right is doing his math's mate.  I just get to observe my kids, the barrista and the going's on in the room.  I drink my too strong coffee and notice the going's on at the Starbuck.  And for now...I am content.  I feel like I don't need to be anywhere else right now, with anyone else or be anyone else right now.  For me, and how my head works...this is a gift.
I accept this gift and am going to sit and enjoy it for awhile longer...

We'll tawk tommorrow,
I love you,

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Ms. Moon said...

I know exactly what you mean. One of those living-in-the-moment moments that are so sharp and clear. They ARE gifts.